Play well in home improvement waterproofing battle countdown neglected waterproof area

Waterproof construction in home renovation is essential, when it comes to waterproofing, many people think of only the bathroom's waterproof. In fact, the kitchens, balconies, and living rooms in the homes need to be waterproofed. If the homes are not waterproof enough, it will cause a lot of trouble for daily life.

Kitchen waterproof essential

Kitchen Floor Waterproofing: The reason why the bathroom is waterproof is because the bathroom often has a lot of clear water, and the kitchen is neglected because it doesn't often appear clear water. During the renovation, it is necessary to consider the possibility that a large amount of clear water will pass through the ground. Therefore, the ground must be treated with water to prevent the need for rain and water.

Kitchen Wall Waterproofing: The kitchen wall is different from the bathroom and it is not necessarily topped. The kitchen wall is generally waterproof to prevent mildew from splashing on the walls and moisture. The general kitchen wall waterproof height can reach 0.3 meters, in the wash basin, washing machine place, waterproof can be done to 1.2 meters.

Wall and floor seams waterproof: kitchen waterproof also need to pay attention to the waterproofing of the wall and the ground seams, these corner positions, it is easy to cause damp moldy due to water. In the construction process, the wall surface seams should be evenly painted.

Balcony waterproof small details

Waterproof balcony window seam: Although the balcony does not touch the water every day like a bathroom, but in case of stormy weather, the balcony's waterproof is very important. Window seams are the most vulnerable to water seepage. Therefore, the water-repellent treatment must first remove the filler and debris between the window frame and the wall, then inject foaming sealant into the gap, and finally apply no less than 300mm wide, 2mm thick waterproof coating.

Balcony floor waterproof: balcony floor waterproof first of all is to pay attention to the drain, when the decoration slope should be appropriate, balcony and interior should have a height difference of 20-30mm, balcony lower. Waterproof coating can be used on the balcony floor, and the water around the yin and yang corners and drain outlets should be emphasized.

The floor drain is unobstructed: In addition to the drainage slope and waterproof coating, the smoothness of the floor drain also affects the waterproof effect of the balcony. Because the balcony does not have much water, it is more suitable to use self-sealing floor drain.

The living room also has to be waterproof

Warm Waterproofing: The homes in the northern areas choose to install floor heating equipment. In winter, the temperature difference between the interior and exterior is large, especially near the gates and windows. The geothermal pipes are prone to condensate and permeate into the concrete structure, so they are warmed in the pavement. In the space, the ground must first be painted with a waterproof coating.

Wall waterproofing for cottage walls: The first floor of bungalows and villas. These low-rise residences are affected by the topography and rainwater, and wet surfaces appear on the wall surface. For bungalows, villas, etc., these places are generally put together with plugging treasures and water into a putty-like shape, compacted on old walls and old soil, and then painted with a waterproof coating.

Many heads of household still stay in the bathroom waterproofing level on the level of waterproofing. In fact, all the space in the home has some parts that need to be waterproof. Kitchen wall and floor waterproofing is the most important except for sanitary ware. Although there is not much water, it must be prevented beforehand. The balcony directly faces wind and rain, and it is necessary to enhance drainage and waterproofness. Living rooms, bedrooms and other small spaces are waterproofed according to actual needs.


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