At the time, the characteristics of the bearing varieti…

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Cabinet countertop storage configuration design points

Below the countertop is the low cabinet we often say. This is the main storage space in the kitchen. Whether it is commonly used tableware or various styles of spices and utensils, it must be clearly classified. Reasonable kitchen space and configuration to ensure the convenience and efficienc ...more

How to prevent wheat from lodging

    Wheat lodging has two roots and stems, and stems are usually more common. Root lodging is caused by poor root development, not deep roots, and few secondary roots are weak and can not support the weight of the aerial part. Stem lodging is mainly caused by the undeveloped mechanical or ...more

Children's solid wood bed selection points

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Problems in the Installation of Guided Wave Radar Level…

(1) When the guided wave radar level gauge measures liquid material, the axis of the sensor and the surface of the medium remain vertical; when measuring solid materials, the solid medium will have a stack angle, and the sensor should be tilted at a certain angle. (2) Try to avoid devices that cau ...more

In the middle and late stages of the potato

     At present, the arched potato enters the flowering and fruiting period. This period is a key period for potato field management. It is necessary to strengthen water and fertilizer management, timely carry out cultivating, soil cultivation, weeding, pay attention to prevention of p ...more

Cultivate “strong” celery seedlings and do a good j…

The celery seedling period is just in the season of high temperature and high rainfall. If the management is not appropriate, it will easily lead to the development of seedlings and the phenomenon of dead seedlings. Last year, a large number of celery seedlings died of decay due to heavy summer rai ...more