There are several types of single-stage slide wire inst…

Important installation instructions: 1) Assembled suspension Adjust the suspension bolts to ensure the straightness and horizontal parallelism error of each wire in the horizontal and vertical directions. Its value must not exceed 5mm.   2) Wire connection The guide rail and the conductive p ...more

What services can the steel plate cutting factory provi…

What steel plate cutting mills can provide? What services can be provided by steel plate cutting and processing plants? Steel plates are a very common material in production operations. Buying a whole piece of steel from a manufacturer requires cutting as required before it can be used in manufact ...more

Scenic area suitable for solar street lighting

The use of solar energy is already very common in China. Many places are using solar energy equipment and cement guardrails: bet365 Sports Online: When thinking about solar street lighting devices, one must also think about the fact that it cannot be covered by foreign objects (eg: Trees co ...more

Penthouse advantages and disadvantages

For some of the top floor tenants, a small penthouse is often attached to the purchase. In the past, many people were afraid to live in this kind of space because the attic range was small and the air circulation was not good. Hot, but nowadays, the small penthouse has become a private space that ...more

Hefei Institute of Metal and Organic Skeleton Derived M…

Figure 1. (a) Morphology and compositional characterization of Co/Ni bimetallic MOFs and their derived materials; (b) Capacitance performance testing and application stability. Figure 2. (a) S and N contain Co-MOFs morphology and structure characterization; (b) Oxygen catalytic ...more

Be careful! These pesticides must not be mixed

Proper mixing of pesticides can enhance the efficacy of the drug. However, improper use of pesticides will reduce the efficacy of pesticides, increase costs, and some may cause phytotoxicity. The pesticides that can not be mixed are introduced as follows: 1. Pesticides that c ...more

Demystifying the relationship between A-type tantalum c…

Type A tantalum capacitors are the smallest of the chip tantalum capacitors. Because of their small size, they can be adapted to many different applications and are cheaper. Type A tantalum capacitors are the smallest of the chip tantalum capacitors. Because of their small size, they can be adapt ...more