What is liquid wallpaper coating liquid wallpaper paint

"Liquid wallpaper" is also called wallpaper paint, formerly known as cloud paint, belonging to the category of architectural decorative coatings. It is a kind of high-grade decoration made of macromolecular polymer emulsion, mica pearlescent titanium pigment, silicon algae and various ad ...more

Washbasin installation height is generally how much was…

The washbasin is a must for the bathroom. How can we use the washbasin so that it is convenient and comfortable to use? Here we introduce: Washbasin installation height and installation precautions. 1 washbasin installation height is generally how much When the face is washed, once water is splas ...more

DS-1 semi-automatic spring sorter is popular

After coordinate transformation, it is sent to each servo axis position controller as a position command, so that each axis moves to the specified position at the same time. The virtual frame is the newly added contour error compensation controller. The design idea is to dynamically correct the int ...more

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe types and their characteris…

Wear-resistant ceramic tube full name of cermet lined composite pipe. Wear-resistant ceramic tubes are produced using high-tech production technology - self-propagating high-temperature clutch synthesis. The tube is composed of corundum ceramics, transition layers and steel layers from the inside ...more

Dulux paint how Dulux paint prices

Dulux paints know more or less than everyone else. Dulux paint is famous for its environmental protection and health. It is rich in color, quality, environmental protection, product variety, and high-efficiency anti-corrosion. It has been recognized by consumers. However, consumers will doubtlessl ...more

How much do ceiling lamps affect the price of ceiling l…

How much is the ceiling light? The ceiling lamp is more and more liked by everyone. Everyone is paying more and more attention to the decoration of the home, and the ceiling lamp is a good choice. The ceiling lamp is installed on the ceiling board and is quite strong, safe and environmentally friend ...more

How much is the decoration of the three bedrooms and on…

Now that we are in the decoration season of Golden 9 Silver 10, many people will choose to decorate their love nests at this time, but the decoration is also a very troublesome and tedious thing. Here we will introduce you to the three-bedroom and one-room renovation as an example. How much is the ...more