Diatom mud construction diatom mud construction steps

Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. When choosing decoration materials, it is first necessary to see whether it is an environmental protection material. Among the numerous decoration materials, diatom mud is safe and environmentally fri ...more

Detailed method of using insecticide

1, the characteristics of insecticidal double: Insecticidal is a nerve poison. It has strong contact and stomach toxicity to pests, and has certain fumigation effect; it has strong systemic absorption, and its ability to absorb through roots is much larger than that of leaf a ...more

Terrace decoration renderings terrace decoration precau…

Nowadays people pay more attention to the terrace or the balcony, because it can not only be used to dry clothes, but also a good place for us to rest and grow flowers, but if the decoration design, we still need to know in advance, then the terrace What are the renovation renderings ...more

Tatami costs include what to calculate the price of tat…

As people are increasingly inclined to purchase small units, tatami is gradually being used extensively. The tatami feature does not take up space, and it is practical and beautiful. Therefore, the tatami mat is also paid attention to by everyone. Then, Xiao Bian will introduce the tatami fee incl ...more

Hunan Shaodong International Hardware & Electromech…

Economic Network News On April 6, China Shaodong 2nd International Hardware & Electromechanical Expo opened, 1,200 booths were from more than 1,000 hardware in 16 provinces and cities including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Shandong, and the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Bra ...more

What are the herbicides suitable for apple application?

The roots of apple trees are deeply distributed, and herbicides are generally adsorbed by soil particles on the surface of 5-10 cm of soil. Therefore, in general, the use of herbicides can be more appropriate than the crop field to improve the efficacy. Extend the period of va ...more

Detailed description of the herbicide acetochlor

Acetochlor is a seedling herbicide that can be used to control grass, foxtail, crabgrass, goosegrass and other grass pests. It is suitable for various crops such as soybean, corn, peanut, etc., then the use of acetochlor herbicide What is it? Let's follow it with Xiaobian. ...more