Introduction to the use of phoxim in fruit trees

Orchards generally advocate the use of low-toxic, low-residue bio-pesticides to produce safe and safe fruits, thereby improving the overall benefits of fruit. Pesticide Network Xiaobian collects the application method of phoxim in fruit trees for reference by the majority of f ...more

The remaining decoration materials become "chicken…

After the completion of the home decoration project, there will be some leftover corners left over from the decoration. In many cases, these surplus materials become “chicken ribs”. Many people feel that it is a pity to keep the place. So how do you deal with these surplus material ...more

Proximity switch selection and detection

The proximity switch is a position switch that can operate without mechanical contact with the moving part. When the object approaches the sensing surface of the switch to the action distance, the switch can be actuated without mechanical contact and exerting any pressure, thereby driving the DC el ...more

The four advantages of the modern minimalist kitchen ar…

Four Features of the Simple Kitchen" /> Four Features of Modern Simple Kitchen 1, the form of simple One of the main features of the minimalist kitchen is the simplicity of the form. Its expression is reflected in the fact that most of the kitchen designs are simple straight lines, hori ...more

Seven technical features of CCMT2014 exhibits

The CCMT2014 held in Shanghai in February 2014 will be an exhibition with rich exhibits, advanced technology and strong innovation. According to the exhibits reported by the exhibitors, seven points of view were summarized. Compound machine tools are in the ascendant Thanks to the powerful contro ...more

Electric tool operation precautions

Hardware power tools are often used in the modern industry. They generally use electric power as their driving force. However, some matters need to be taken care of in the process of use. What do the operators need to pay attention to when using power tools? Electric tool operation precau ...more

Electric tools have entered the golden period of develo…

The research and application of China's start-up manufacturing and electric technology started late, but there has been great development in the past decade or so. Because pneumatic tools have the characteristics of high quality, age, high speed, high output force, and high precision, ...more