Yiding Technology's world's first reverse polis…

Abstract On June 2nd, the “2015 China Green Energy-saving Ceramic Machinery New Product Launch Conference” jointly sponsored by Guangdong Dinghui Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yiding Technology Co., Ltd. was held at the Pazhou Complex of Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhi ...more

Choosing water-saving sanitary ware is not the less wat…

Recently, the national standard of "Water-saving Sanitary Ware" (GB/T 31436-2015) was released, and specific technical requirements were put forward for the water-saving performance of eight kinds of products such as toilets and showers, and it is planned to be implemented at the end ...more

Pump inverter price

As pump inverter in high-rise buildings, urban and rural residential areas, enterprises and other domestic water, all kinds of industries need constant pressure control of water, cooling water circulation, heat network water cycle, boiler water, irrigation, sewage treatment, man-made Fountains, a v ...more

Dialogue Xiaoyao Ali's new coach Zhang Yongchang be…

On the evening of May 7, 2015, Ali Group announced that based on the 16-year talent training and inheritance mechanism of the Ali Group, a group of younger leaders will lead the Ali Group to the next stage – Zhang Yong (花名: 逍遥子Will take over as ...more

Be careful! Be wary of the "invisible killer"…

Generally speaking, as long as the custom-made furniture whose environmental protection index is not up to standard will release toxins during use, causing different degrees of damage to the human body, it is called “invisible killer” in furniture. We must purchase ...more

Development and Status Quo of Boron Flame Retardants

The development and current status of boron flame retardants Lin Miao Zheng Limin School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Donghua University 200051 The flame retardant finishing flame retardant boron fabric. The flame-retardant finishing of textiles began as early as 300 years ago, and the ...more

What crib good crib how to choose

Nowadays, young parents are particularly particular about choosing baby cribs. What cribs are better ? How to choose crib? In the face of such problems, the following Xiaobian briefly introduces what should be the right crib and crib. ·What crib is good Now that babies are their own angels, b ...more