Cupboard quotes table about the details of the high and low

Many people feel the most “cloud cover” when buying a whole kitchen cabinet. It's not clear how the price should be counted, nor how much it costs to lose.

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In the quotation table there is stress

Careful consumers will surely find different manufacturers, and the fees for custom-made cabinets are different. Some manufacturers in the offer, in addition to basins, stoves and other equipment to be equipped by the consumer, but also includes all other processes, even the slide rails, door handles and metal hinges are also included. Some manufacturers only quote the basic price of the cabinet. If you want to make another drawer, or if the manufacturer installs the basin, you will need to charge another fee.

Therefore, before you customize, you must ask about the criteria for charging. Don't just choose the “surface” price of your offer. Be sure to ask if you still have additional charges to avoid future trouble.

The key to using silicon material

According to industry insiders, the cost of cabinet plates accounts for about 60% of the total cost, and the quality of the plate is the key to the quality of the entire cabinet. If the cabinets and hanging cabinets are about 900 to 1800 yuan per meter, the high-grade ones will be 3,000 to 4,200 yuan, plus the difference in veneer materials, the overall difference can reach 30% to 40%.

According to a maker of cabinets, stainless steel cabinets currently on the market are priced at around RMB 1,500 per extension meter, cabinets with fireproof panels are around RMB 2,500 per extension, and cabinets made of solid wood are the prices of cabinets. About 3,600 yuan / extension meters, such as the use of materials other than conventional materials, the price will increase.

Veneer material is also very important. Middle and high grade cabinets mostly use high-grade fire board as veneer material, another common veneer material is melamine, its appearance is not far from fire board, but wear resistance and stain resistance are inferior to fire board, price is higher than fire board 15% to 20% lower.

The details of the place see the level

The subtleties that are not easily noticeable are the other aspects of the price. The advanced or not production equipment of the cabinet factory reflects the cost of the product to a certain extent. Take the edge of the edge that best reflects the quality of the cabinet. If you use an imported automatic edge banding machine and use a high temperature adhesive that is 200 degrees Celsius or higher, the edge banding is very firm. However, if there is no edge banding machine and the glue is used immediately, only the iron will be hot and the edge banding time of the cabinet will fall off automatically. Compared with the two, their cost and quality are self-evident.

Therefore, consumers must choose products with reliable quality when purchasing whole cabinets, and do not be fooled by products with low price and unsure quality.

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