Fujian Nan'an Shihu Port stone imports increased significantly

Abstract According to the Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, in 2009, Fujian Nanan Shihu Port imported a total of 960,000 tons of stone, of $ 140 million, an increase of 75.3% and 64.2%, respectively, accounting for about one-fifth of the country's imports. At present, the soft and hard conditions for stone entry in Shihu Port Area are...

According to the statistics of Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2009, Nanhai Shihu Port Area imported a total of 960,000 tons of stone and 140 million US dollars, an increase of 75.3% and 64.2% respectively, and the import volume accounted for about one-fifth of the country. At present, the soft and hard conditions for stone entry in Shihu Port Area have been significantly improved. First, the customs clearance environment is good. Intensify the early warning analysis of imported stone risks, innovate the supervision mode of “central inspection and quarantine, batch inspection and certification”, and supervise the release of enterprises with low risk level and good reputation to save the customs clearance cost and detention time for enterprises; It is a rapid expansion of the port area. Complete the expansion and reconstruction of the yard, carry out the enclosing and expansion of the old yard, and specialize the dumping of the blocks imported from Brazil. The area of ​​the newly built No. 18 A area is more than 200 mu, which solves the problem of tight land use at the dock; Third, the source of stone is wide. In May last year, the import of stone from Brazil was resumed; in November, new stone was imported from Cambodia and Angola; fourth, the flow of goods was fast. With the gradual recovery of the domestic and international economy, the construction market has picked up, many customers have accelerated the delivery of goods, increased the speed of stone circulation, eased the pressure on the yard, and promoted the benign turnover of the stone import and export shore.

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