The taboo of the home decoration Feng Shui orientation

Home decoration design is a big event for every family. Everyone will pay attention to it, but you need to remind everyone that while paying attention to the decoration design, don't forget the home decoration feng shui. Therefore, in the decoration, the best room position should be arranged according to the original natural power, plus the matching of colors and furnishings, so that the indoor feng shui can exert the maximum strength and bring good luck to the owner. Let's take a look at the taboos of home furnishing feng shui orientation.

North: It is easy to absorb knowledge and facilitate the development of intelligence, so it is best to make a study, a studio and a bookcase. The commensurate colors are green, sky blue and white.

Dongbei: It is the direction of water, suitable for vacating the room, keeping the basic and basic layout. The most suitable room for thinking, not suitable for the bathroom. The coordination colors are white, light blue, and pinkish yellow.

East: It is the place where the sun rises. It is especially important for the spirit and intelligence. Therefore, it is better to set openings in the east, such as windows and doors to absorb energy. The walls are light in color and the curtains are preferably pink.

South East: The star of the fire and Venus goddess, suitable for kitchen, electric room and stove area, is forbidden to enter. The lucky colors are red, bright pink, yellow, orange and brown.

South: It is dominated by the god of death and the god of war. It is suitable for fire and heat, so it should be used as a dining room and warehouse. Auspicious colors are orange, orange and fluorescent green.

West South: It belongs to the earth and is the source of nature. It is full of energy and avoids entrance. The furniture and materials used should be dense and heavy. The color is suitable for strong colors.

West: It is where the sun sets. It is advisable to do export and waste disposal. So it is the ideal location for stairs and bathrooms. The color choices are green, white and sky blue.

Northwest: Another positive position, the most suitable for the bedroom. Colors should be gray, blue, pink and brown.

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