Homestyle hydrolysis puzzle: release 80 after the perfect Feng Shui wedding decoration

Love is an environmental message. If you want to fall in love, you will immerse yourself in the message of love. It will be like watching romantic movies and novels. The whole body is full of factors that want to be in love. If these messages can be placed in the most comfortable corner, naturally Awakening the message of love, a long time, the development of love energy.

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Love needs a bit of change. If there is a light decoration in a plain space, it will be like magic. Surprisingly, under the sidelights, the space will be more three-dimensional and full of beauty of life. If the room has flowers and accessories, Through the use of light and shadow, the depth of space can be increased, and the entire environment can be filled with "romantic" magical power. People can unconsciously increase the power of gentle electricity and let the magic of love in space be released.

Flower placement is male right female left, boys on the right hand side of the living room (in the direction of the sofa), put a bouquet of flowers, can not be replaced with plastic flowers, the petals are best large petals, and the vase is best porcelain vase Or a pottery bottle, there can not let the flowers wither, or else love has not reported, but bring disaster and illness.

With different decorations, the environment will have different moods. It will give off new love energy and new vitality. It can be changed from tablecloths, cushions and floor mats. The next thing is the curtains. It is best to change the suit every season. Feel the energy of love that these small places emit.

Background music can enhance the romantic magnetic field, develop internal energy, and make people feel romantic in love. The music is preferably light music, classical music, or nature music. Music that can be played for a long time can be immersed in romance every day. In the atmosphere of Shu Rou, there is a strong message of love, and the opposite sex next to you will surely receive the message of love and start the "love program."

Aromatherapy has been blowing recently, and aromatics can also change the energy magnetic field in space. Research by psychologists, our sense of smell is the bottom of memory, directly affect the subconscious, is the easiest to develop amazing potential energy, when caught in a romantic or happy situation, the next time you smell the fragrance, natural recollection of happiness Message, the message of love is to keep oneself romantic.

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