What is the best tile in the living room?

The living room can be said to be the facade of the house, so the decoration of the living room is absolutely the most important. After all, when the family comes to the guests, it is the first impression to the guests, so the decoration of the living room must be bright and spacious, giving a kind of Tall, comfortable and relaxed feeling, so the living room is to pay special attention to the selection of materials, today Xiao Bian will give you some of the living room tiles to buy skills, hoping to be helpful to everyone!

Living room tiles to buy a skill, color

There are many kinds of colors in living room tiles, but the most popular ones are just a few kinds: matt, white, yellow, light beige, brown and so on. Yaguang Tiles are soft and visually soft and do not reflect dazzling light; white looks clean and atmospheric, but also wild colors; Beige looks very warm at home and creates a warm family environment; brown gives people a feeling of comfort and looks very stylish There are grades.

Living room tiles buy skills Second, material

· Fossils are wear-resistant, bright, and easy to clean. They are very popular tiles on the market;

· Glazed tiles also have a lot of friends like, including antique tiles, glazed tiles rich in color, can show personality, but cleaning takes a little effort;

Stone does not recommend you to choose, it is not only high cost, single color, mostly radioactive, not resistant to dirty, this is generally used in large public places;

Living room tiles buy skills three specifications

Tile specifications should be based on the size of the living room to be determined, can not blindly pursue the large size, because it is necessary to consider the actual viewing area put on furniture, large-size tiles with a small area of ​​the living room will appear very inconsistent, the same, small-size tiles with large The living area will look very crowded. Below 30 square meters Xiaobian is recommended to use 450*450mm; 30 square meters above Xiaobian is recommended to use 600*600 specifications.

Living room tiles buy skills four, supporting products

It is necessary to choose ceramic tile matching products for the living room. There are mainly wave lines, floor mosaics and kick lines.

· The wave line is mainly used on the ground or in the aisles and other places to make the ground more plentiful and has artistic charm. The market has a special matching wave line selection.

· Ground parquet is mainly used at the entrance or in the living room, dining room coffee table, and under the dining table.

· The kick line is mainly used to protect the wall skirts. The baseboard can form a large contrast with the color of the floor tiles, but try to choose the same color to look like coordination. It can also be close to the color of the floor tiles, and the surrounding paving can be contrasted. line.

How to choose the living room tiles ?

1, the appearance of color to be uniform, the surface gloss and flatness is better (except for special processes), especially the polished floor tiles should pay attention to their gloss, the higher the gloss, indicating that the more exquisite polishing process, the higher the relative hardness, As a result, the water absorption is low and the wear resistance is higher.

2, water absorption to meet the requirements. The lower the water absorption, the higher the density of the product and the less likely to penetrate. Usually no more than 10% of color ceramic tiles; unglazed porcelain tiles (including polished tiles) shall not exceed 0.5%; glazed porcelain tiles not more than 1%.

3, anti-pollution ability is better. Drop one or two drops of ink or colored water on the surface of the tile. Wipe it with a damp rag half an hour later. If there are obvious traces, it will be easy to seep. If there is no trace, it will prove to be very good. ability.

4, the size of the deviation can not be too large. That is to say, four bricks should be put together and should be relatively regular, with no obvious dislocation. Products with a size error of more than 0.5 MM and a flatness of more than 0.1 MM will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also have poor results after renovation, and cannot be used for projects.

5, see whether the quality of floor tiles. Tile decoration quality depends on whether the joint between the brick and the brick is greater than 0.5 mm, whether the overall surface flatness is greater than 2 mm within 2 meters long, and whether the seam straightness exceeds 3 mm within 5 meters. Anything over the above-mentioned range is unqualified for the decoration quality.

6, listen to the sound of tiles: identify the inner quality of the tile, you can use the percussion method to distinguish from the sound. The method is: Hold a piece of ceramic tile with your hands, tap the brick surface of another tile with a corner of a brick, the sound is crisp and loud, and it is cooked. If the boring person is poor, it means that the brick has heavy skin or Crack phenomenon, heavy skin is the formation of the brick, the material in the air is not discharged, resulting in poor bonding between materials and materials, internal cracks, can not be seen from the surface, only to listen to sound to identify.

Xiao Bian concludes: The relevant information about the living room tiles is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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