Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode how to clean

Electromagnetic Flowmeter If the measured medium is relatively dirty for a long time, then after the electromagnetic flowmeter has worked for a period of time, fouling will occur on the electrode. When the conductivity of the fouling material is different from the conductivity of the measured medium, measurement errors will occur. The attachment of sludge and oil to the electrode will also cause the meter output to swing and drift. Therefore, in this case we need to regularly maintain and clean the electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes. Let's introduce several electromagnetic flowmeter electrode cleaning methods for your reference.

Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode cleaning commonly used methods are the following:

Ultrasonic cleaning method The ultrasonic generator generates 45~65kHz ultrasonic voltage to the electrode, so that the energy of the ultrasonic wave is concentrated on the contact surface between the electrode and the medium, so that the ability of the ultrasonic wave is used to break the dirt and achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Electrical breakdown method This method uses AC high-voltage electricity periodically added between the electrode and the medium, generally adding 30~100V. As the electrode is attached, its surface contact resistance becomes larger, the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attached matter, and the high voltage breaks down the attached matter and is then washed away by the fluid. The starting point for total safety, the use of electrical breakdown method must be in the flow meter interrupt measurement, the signal line between the sensor and the converter is disconnected, the power failure of the AC high voltage directly in the sensor signal output terminal for cleaning.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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