Google driverless car interior exposure: small body has a large space

On the morning of July 14th, Beijing time, Google exposed the shape of the prototype of the driverless car a year ago. The overall design is very compact, and the rounded appearance looks a bit cute. The company first brought the prototype of the car to the music and art community school in Mountain View for the local community to visit the interior of the car.

Surprisingly, although the car is compact, the interior space is very generous. The entire car is not equipped with a steering wheel, and the interior has a thick design similar to a toy.

"Washington Post" reporter Matt McFarland believes that although the car's interior is not stylish enough, it is very functional. The interior of the car is full of plastic, the front storage space is actually a large bucket, and the floor is very flat. Although there is no leather wrap and no stylish center console, the car is still in the prototype development stage, so the interior will definitely undergo several rounds of adjustment before the final launch.

According to the law, Google needs to equip the steering wheel at the current road test stage, but the company temporarily removed the device during the show last weekend. It is especially noteworthy that because of the lack of a steering wheel, such a car with a similar size to Smart can provide ample space.

The Google driverless car, which was previously modified with the Lexus hybrid, seems to have added some extra technology to the regular car, and the prototype is more like a brand new car.

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