Inorganic high-temperature coatings set off the storm of world coating technology

The water-based heat-resisting high-temperature coating uses silicate and silica sol as raw materials. It is sourced from nature, has rich sources, and has a low environmental pollution. It is generally made into an environment-friendly water-based paint that is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, the product is favored by people. Waterborne inorganic anti-corrosion coatings have come out very early and have excellent anti-rust properties, long service life, and excellent environmental protection. Later, waterborne high-temperature coatings were gradually applied to the external walls and interior walls of buildings. They were made of inorganic materials that are resistant to heat, fire, and mildew and fire-retardant. They did not generate any volatile substances and were used in many functional interior wall coatings. Has a very good development. In particular, the successful application of heat-resistant and high-temperature coatings in the industry in recent years has improved the production process, protected high-temperature equipment, and saved a lot of resources. Domestic heat-resisting high-temperature paint Large-scale well-known manufacturer Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. has achieved satisfactory results in R&D technology, experience and performance.

In recent years, the coatings industry at home and abroad attaches great importance to the development of water-based heat-resisting high-temperature coatings. There have been major breakthroughs in technology. There are fewer organic latex resins used for toughening (<5%) in formulations, and the mechanism of film formation is more researched. In-depth. As a film-forming material in inorganic coatings, silicates and silica sols can automatically infiltrate into the cement surface, so that the coating containing pigments and fillers is silicified under the action of a curing agent and firmly combined with the substrate, at a temperature of 1200°C or more. It is still heat-resistant and will not crack and peel unless the cracking of the substrate cracks the coating of the inorganic coating, but even this will not peel off. Zhishui Weihua's water-based heat-resisting high-temperature paint adopts its own special high-temperature solution, which can reach a high temperature of 1800°C.

Water-based heat-resistant high-temperature coatings have been used in Europe for more than 20 years of R&D production history, and China has more than 10 years of R&D development. The water-based heat-resisting high-temperature paint itself also has the characteristics of fire retardant, anti-aging, reflected light, no fading, and is resistant to acid and alkali, and does not breed mold or algae. Can also be made into a respiratory coating, with self-cleaning function and water resistance, like the skin of human beings is not water seepage, but also can make the moisture in the substrate evaporate and discharge, the substrate is kept dry, the coating film is not blistering, not pan Yellow and peeling. The construction is simple, without primer, spraying or brushing. This is a kind of very promising paint, which may cause chemical storms.

The water-based heat-resisting high-temperature paint has no odor, no burning, no special requirements for construction and transportation, and it has many special features such as heat insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, radiation protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation, fire retardant and other characteristics. Therefore, compared with the traditional ordinary environmental protection coatings, water-based heat-resistant high-temperature coatings have more market advantages, higher technical content and better market prospects. Now all countries in the world are accelerating the research and development of water-based heat-resisting high-temperature coatings, especially in Japan, Europe and other countries. In recent years, China has represented the manufacturer of heat-resisting and high-temperature coatings, and Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Company's water-based heat-resisting and high-temperature coating technology has taken over the world. Forefront, application performance has spread all over the country, and also exported to the United States, Europe, Central Asia and Arab countries.

Water-based heat-resistant high-temperature coating industry should focus on environmental protection, energy conservation, low-cost, high-quality development, domestic companies should rely on the country to vigorously support industrial upgrading as an opportunity, in the case of funds in place, the organization of high-tech chemical talent, Focus on research and development, so that the world is blowing the storm of chemical technology.

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