Xiaobian shop: buy bathroom hardware should be measured and

Say that the bathroom fittings cost less than the toilet, washbasin and other large items, Xiao Bian before a little bit to believe, but Saturday Xiao Bian Guanghua Men in the generation of home stores visited and found that the current bathroom parts prices really out of Unexpectedly, only an ordinary stainless steel towel rack will cost nearly 100 yuan, and the price is about to catch up with the price of a column basin.

Wuzhou Home Furnishing Plaza is located near Guanghuamen Shilin Home Plaza. There are numerous bus lines, including No. 17, No. 84, No. 81, and No. 27, etc. It is one of Nanjing's several major building materials distribution centers, and it has a large number of decoration worlds, B&Q, and others. Decorative building materials city, so the biggest advantage of buying building materials here is that you can shop around.

First of all, Xiao Bian came to the decoration world closest to the 17th platform station. The building materials here are relatively complicated. The shops of the merchants are also relatively simple. Therefore, the rent of the shops should be relatively cheap, but Xiao Bing visited several sales of bathroom parts and accessories. The merchants found that: The hardware here is not as cheap as Xiao Bian had imagined before. An ordinary faucet is priced at more than 100 yuan. If it is a copper ceramic valve, the price will be higher.

"How can a common leader price be so high?" Xiao Bian has questioned the leading price, but the boss said that the general leader must be the price, but here the store rental is cheaper, so the price is cheaper than those high-end home stores The price of real hypermarkets is far more than this number.

Subsequently, Xiao Bian also asked the price of towel racks and stainless steel storage baskets. After some bargaining with the boss, I learned that an ordinary towel rack would cost at least 60 yuan, and a small single-layer storage basket would have a minimum of 50 yuan. The boss said it was the lowest price.

Although the price of decorating the big world is relatively cheap, there are few brand building materials. Passing through the decorative world to the Wuzhou Home Plaza, it was found that the brand here is slightly higher, but the price is also rising, and the price of a slightly branded faucet must be 200-300, and the price of some ordinary hardware such as towel racks is much higher. .

In the end, Xiao Bian came to the last stop of this shopping tour – Shilin’s home plaza. Most of them are branded sanitary wares. The prices of hardware components such as taps are of course “high in festivals,” and some leading prices catch up with the prices of toilets. , it is really a bit too much for people.

Visiting the experience of the store: Bathroom decoration is the most important part of the renovation budget. Sometimes the inconspicuous hardware will occupy a large amount of overhead. In addition, the purchase of hardware must shop around, although the brand's price is relatively high, but the quality is relatively secure, the key is that consumers should do what they can, choose the right price for their products.

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