Clearly integrated ceiling price calculation makes consumption more understandable

The integrated ceiling is to make the ceiling module and the electrical module into standard modular modules that are integrated when installed. Then, the integrated ceiling price component includes ceiling modules, electrical modules, and installation fees. Note: The ceiling module includes the buckle plate, auxiliary material and edge banding. Electrical modules include lighting, ventilation and Yuba (thermometer, MP3). Therefore, the price of the entire integrated ceiling project construction: buckle plate + auxiliary material + manual (by square calculation) + edge (calculated by meters) + electrical module (by count). Next, analyze each factor that affects the project cost.

Buckle plate

1. Although the material of the ceiling plate of the integrated ceiling is made of aluminum, it is also divided into recycled aluminum, common aluminum and aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloys are also classified into aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-manganese alloys, and aluminum, magnesium, and manganese alloys (the aluminum itself is relatively soft, magnesium is added to increase the toughness of the plate, and manganese is added to increase the rigidity of the plate).

2. The gusseting process is divided into film coating, roller coating (matte and bright light), oxide plate (single oxidation and multiple oxidation). And there are solid color and flower board (styling board) points.

3. Buckle thickness: 0.6 thick for home use is enough, industrial use needs more than 0.8 thick. But definitely not the thicker the better. (Because some businesses use recycled aluminum, only increase the thickness of the aluminum plate to increase the life span of the buckle, so everyone must pay attention when buying!)

Auxiliary materials

1. The integrated ceiling keel mainly includes light steel keel, alloy keel and steel skeleton keel. Currently widely used integrated ceiling is light steel keel and alloy keel.

2. Components include booms, main keels, and triangular keels. For ordinary light steel keels, ordinary parts are used (because the cost is not high, so many brands directly pack the auxiliary materials), and the alloy keel is treated in every part. Both the boom and the triangular keel are oxidized and coated with metallic paint. The main keel serves as a load bearing element. Therefore, the main keel is generally thickened and galvanized (galvanized to prevent corrosion). Once corroded and rusted, there may be a sinking of the entire ceiling, causing the entire ceiling to be uneven.

Artificial : The craftsmanship of the master also directly affects the aesthetics and service life of the entire integrated ceiling. Therefore, the cost of the trained master craftsman will surely be higher.

Edge : The main factors affecting the price of the sidebar are the material (see the first pinch), the price of the material is not the same, and the general price varies from a few yuan to more than ten yuan (price per meter, one The root is 3 meters).

Electrical module : The electrical appliance is the most transparent of the integrated ceiling price, because the price of the same type of electrical appliances sold by all integrated ceiling brands is not much different. However, the integrated ceiling pursues the same color integration, coordination, and aesthetics. The same electrical movement, but for a change of color and shape, why there is a difference in price? That's because the panel of the electric appliance and the manufacturing process have changed.

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