How to choose the appropriate curtains

In a room, the size and shape of the windows are different. Different styles are used, and sometimes it can compensate for some window defects.

At present, the most popular styles on the market include Roman blinds, sling curtains, hand-held curtains, lifting curtains, etc., as well as metal shutters for bathrooms and kitchens, wooden and bamboo shutters, etc., suitable for black and white days for bedrooms. The woven blinds are even more convenient.

Generally speaking, the viewing window with large-area glass can use the window rail with the pulling rope machinery. The effect of using the floor-standing drape is good, and several sets of Roman blinds can be used to make the decorative effect stronger. For the bay window, the large windows should use curtains composed of several separate curtains. Each curtain can be tied separately, and a continuous soft curtain track is used to connect the curtains as a whole.

The window is small, and it is better to use a roman blind or a lifting curtain. Kitchens, bathrooms, etc. due to humidity, soot, and blinds are more suitable. In addition, leisure and tea rooms are more suitable for wooden or bamboo blinds, and balconies should be made of light-resistant and non-fading materials. Natural fabric cotton texture The price of popular fabric curtains is influenced by the texture of the fabric. The price of cotton, linen, silk and wool is higher, but it is also the most popular among consumers.

At present, the price is not the main factor in the consumption of the left and right. On the contrary, the novelty of the color design has become the primary factor to attract consumers. And some new styles with cluster flowers and floral patterns are the most popular. However, the fabrics of these textures have a certain shrinkage rate. When buying, the "hands are looser" and the size of the shrinkage is made. At present, there is no standard for shrinkage in the country. The standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. clear.

The rayon and synthetic fiber curtains are superior to cotton and linen fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, fading resistance, and wrinkle resistance, and are suitable for rooms with strong sunlight. However, many modern fabrics combine natural fibers with rayon or synthetic fibers, and thus have both.


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