In-wall type toilet toilet is good

With the progress of the times, people now consider more and more aspects of home decoration problems. After all, renovations are required for long-term use. Therefore, in the selection of furniture, any link should be decided after careful consideration. For bathroom renovation people also spend a lot of time to think about and design, I will recommend a sanitary ware for everyone - in-wall toilets, together to understand it.

In-wall toilets are also called hanging toilets. It consists of a water tank inside the wall and an outside sitting pit. This saves space. This kind of toilet gives a sense of fashion and adds a high quality to our bathroom.

There are many different sizes of in-wall toilets, such as 120 cm wide, 1 m 2 high, 100 cm wide, and 1 m high. So you can choose the size of the in-wall toilet according to the size of your own bath space.

In-wall toilet benefits

First: In-wall toilets can hide unsightly sewers that are exposed to the outside, and they can no longer see a variety of pipes, improving people's mood, but also allowing space to become large and wide in an instant.

Second: For some people with cleanliness, the in-wall toilet is very suitable. It doesn't have any hard corners to clean up, so it's very easy to clean.

Third: If the in-wall toilet needs to be repositioned, its movement is also very convenient without any restrictions.

Fourth: The general toilet, the water tank is directly connected with the sitting pit, so when the toilet is flushed, the sound of the water flow is very large, this noise may affect other people. The in-wall type toilet is hidden in the wall because the tank is blocked by the wall, so the sound of flushing the toilet is very small.

The above is the related content of the in-wall type toilet. I hope to help you with your purchase. If you want to know more about the decoration information, please pay attention to our more articles.

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