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Xinfei Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known household electrical appliance enterprise across all modern large-scale state-controlled group companies.

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Ximeng Xinfei Integrated Ceiling Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise that integrates the development, development, manufacture and sales of home appliances. Xinfei integrated ceilings rely on 22 years of professional precipitation of Xinfei Electric Appliances, relying on the avant-garde designs of Australian kitchen and toilet experts, and inheriting European kitchens. The technical essence of the industry, combined with the aesthetic concept of the Chinese family, integrates freedom and personality, perfection and dignity, luxury and aesthetics, completely subverts the traditional ceiling mode, and realizes the integration of heating, lighting, ventilation and ceiling integration. Ceiling overall solution.


In 2005, the latest development of the new fly ceiling integrated kitchen ceiling dedicated metal ceiling is a set of bathroom heaters, ventilation fans, lighting, audio and other functions for the integration of intelligent combination products. It is another "new work" that is launched in the kitchen and toilet industry with "overall shower room", "kitchen", and "bathroom" with a super era and leading the trend of home decoration. Xinfei integrated ceiling adopts high-quality materials and advanced production technology. Through the company's long-term and unremitting in-depth research and development and technology extension, it has greatly improved the personality of traditional kitchen and toilet ceiling products. In line with the company's basic aim of creating first-class products for the society.

New fly integrated ceiling ceiling integrated ceiling kitchen kitchen integrated ceiling kitchen ceiling

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