Promotion - the way to ease the pressure of business in wooden doors

Compared with previous years, the promotion scene in 2012 is more lively. The downturn in the wooden door industry has made the wooden door enterprises have to be more optimistic about promotional concessions, promotion meetings, etc., and to some extent, it has become a trick for wooden doors enterprises to ease business pressure. The wooden door brand is planned to launch promotional activities for the overall planning of the enterprise. Some wooden door brands simply promote the promotion, which not only wastes resources but also does not achieve the expected results.

These activities make the Chinese wooden door market look hot, but in fact it is overdrafting the future of the entire industry. If, in the past, the high-speed development of the wooden door industry, the industry's many competitors and overcapacity will force some manufacturers to cost. Even selling their products at a price lower than the cost, and these behaviors are just a matter of expansive to expand the market size and seize market share.

However, the price war that has now occurred in the wooden door industry has begun to change. In view of the overall environment of the current wooden door industry, some enterprises have some feeling of breaking the can. From catching the big and small festivals, changing various names to promote, to inventing various festivals to promote, and even if there is no name, as long as the consumers arrive at the store, do not open the clerk to discount first...

Along with the market downturn, the domestic wooden door industry has evolved from a rational price war in the past to a vicious price war of “selling for sales”. In this year's market situation survey, many companies have told us that the overall sales volume is growing, almost 10%, and 30% better, but the overall profit is declining.

In fact, in recent years, the cost of wooden door products has been rising rapidly. From labor cost, production cost, raw material cost, transportation cost to store cost, the price of many wooden door businesses is declining, fearing that it is a three-year-old child. Calculate whether this is a loss-making business. However, in the face of tens of thousands of wooden door manufacturers in China, many of them are small in scale, lack of funds, and low value-added of main products. Once the production capacity is excessive, in order to pursue sales volume and maintain the sales income level, how can these companies reduce their prices at the expense of blood? But this seemingly hot group buying party, wooden door festival, promotion feast, bring to the enterprise, bring to the industry What kind of future is it?

The person in charge of Zhongtianda Industry pointed out: "The more the price war is, the more fierce the competition is. It can only show that the company lacks real competitiveness. In an extensive competitive environment, enterprises cannot provide more value to customers and can only cut prices. Many Chinese companies The marketing feature is that it is not good at combination punches, only punches and kicks." And "in the constant price war, the consumer's expectations are changing, originally intended to cut prices and then go to buy, but just bought, found the price drop After a few rounds, consumers are waiting to see, sales are not going up, and the market is stagnating."

As a result, consumers, distributors, and suppliers will all be implicated, and enterprises will be affected by the enemy. The ultimate damage will be the development of the entire industry. In this regard, Lu Xiongwen added that the company's operation requires fixed costs, which depends on the support of the financial system. If the price and cost are similar, the profit is limited. Enterprises that want to fight the price war must first see if they have enough strength to persist. Exclude other competitors and then integrate them...

Because the wooden door market in the first-tier cities is basically saturated, coupled with the current restrictions on purchases and the regulation of the property market, consumers do not have much desire to buy, no matter how the wooden doors are promoted. Coupled with the fact that wooden doors are durable consumer goods, it is difficult to convince them to replace the wooden doors if quality or other problems do not arise.

If at this stage, group purchases and promotion meetings can also drive a group of pre-housing houses or consumers with improved demand to buy wooden doors, then when the economic downturn lasts longer, the buying population is less and less, and small profits but quick turnover. It can't be maintained, how should wooden door enterprises be on their own? And where will the wooden door industry go? This question deserves to be pondered by all wooden doors.

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