Professional audio brand top ten brands what brand is good

With the rapid development of science and technology, the replacement of the electronics industry is changing with each passing day. For professionals, a good electronic digital product is necessary for work, because it is conducive to improving the efficiency of their work and the completion of the work. quality. So what are the top ten brand names for professional audio brands ? Next, let us know about it.

Edifier Speaker

Edifier speaker's design is simple and stylish, the box is made of pure wood material, the surface also adds a fine wood grain veneer surface, the overall workmanship delicate, feel fine on the grade, placed on the desktop can also be a good integration In the home environment, Edifier speakers are designed with metal control knobs on the sides of the cabinet. They are volume control, bass gain, and treble gain. The knobs are damped moderately and feel comfortable.

Swans speaker

HiV Hivi created the concept of value in the digital age. As the world's leading manufacturer of Hi-end advanced speakers, HiVi HiVi has obtained such evaluation in the world: “HiVi hi-fi has combined the world’s top electroacoustic technology with internationalized local production to make its products with world-class design. At the same time cost-effective reach the limit.

Maibo speaker

Maibo speaker overall weight than the real, box back with a large area heat sink, and with a magnetic design, there is still a good definite force in the large dynamic playback performance. Loudspeaker provides volume, treble, bass tuning knobs, delicate damping and accurate control, 3.5mm audio interface is convenient to connect with desktop, notebook, mobile digital products to meet the needs of multimedia entertainment users.

JBL speaker

JBL's simple and stylish design, the overall was streamlined design, the front of the box designed Apple iphone5 special lightning interface, you can perfectly connect your hands iphone5 mobile phone, at the same time, it can connect ipod and ipad, very practical; JBL audio in The top of the fuselage is designed with compact and sensitive control buttons, the overall control is simple and convenient; the back of the box is designed with 3.5mm stereo audio input interface for connecting other mobile phones, MP3, tablet computers, notebook computers and other equipment.

Fen speaker

The Fenda speakers feature a volume control and a low-frequency gain knob on the back to facilitate the user's daily adjustment of volume. The knob is moderately damped and feels excellent. It feels better to use, with a large-inch bass unit, and excellent dive performance. Can meet the needs of users watching movies, playing games and other listening. The speaker is made of wood to eliminate the internal harmful resonance.

Philips speaker

Philips speaker has a long history of development, but its unique design style is still very avant-garde. The speaker subwoofer uses an octagonal box to help eliminate the resonance in the cabinet. Speakers use remote-controlled volume control, and bass adjustment knobs are designed on the back of the cabinet, users can adjust the low-frequency sense according to personal listening preferences.

Three speakers

Three Connaught speaker design simple atmosphere, the speaker surface with brown wood veneer design, the front panel with a black mesh cover, the overall feeling of stability and restrained. Three control knobs are set on the side of the speaker, allowing users to adjust according to their preferences. A large area of ​​metal fins is provided on the back to enable users to enjoy quality music for a long time.

Ear speaker

Ershen speaker is a multimedia active speaker in the domestic market. It provides a more powerful and powerful sound quality interpretation for mainstream audio equipment such as home theater/TV/PC/notebook/DVD. In addition, both the sound quality and the structural principle are striving for excellence. The inner appearance and the vast sound quality complement each other with its high-efficiency and energy-saving features.

Yalanshi speaker

Yalan Shi speaker modeling simple and stylish, the box is made of high density board material, can effectively eliminate resonance, the sides of the fuselage also added a brown wood side panel; the front of the box design silver matte material control knob , respectively, for volume control, bass gain, high gain and balance adjustment, moderate damping knob, feel comfortable, simple and convenient overall control.

Golden Field Speaker

GoldenField speaker in the low side of the speaker volume control, bass gain, high gain knob, knob damping moderate, comfortable to adjust the handle, the overall operation is simple and convenient; In addition, the top of the knob is also designed RCA audio interface, can pass RCA to 3.5 The mm audio cable connects PCs, laptops, MP3s, mobile phones and other devices.

The relevant information on professional audio brands is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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