Piston pump works

The piston pump is often referred to as an electric reciprocating pump, which is a positive displacement pump that uses pistons to reciprocate within a pump, alternating the volume of the cylinder to deliver fluid or boost it. According to the different structure, the piston pump can be divided into: single cylinder and multi-cylinder, the most prominent feature of these products is the high head, in the delivery of solid particles without oil emulsion at room temperature has a very good performance. The working principle of the piston pump also has a profound impact on the value of such products, the next piston pump will work on the analysis. Piston pump works Piston pump piston reciprocating motion, making the pump chamber volume changes, to achieve the inhalation and discharge of liquid. By the pump cylinder, piston, inlet and outlet valves, water pipes, connecting rods and transmission components. Powered by reciprocating piston in the pump cylinder. When the piston moves upward, the inlet valve opens and the water enters the pump cylinder. At the same time, the water valve on the piston closes and the water in the upper part of the piston rises with the piston. When the piston moves downward, the inlet valve is closed, the valve on the piston is opened, and at the same time the pressure in the lower chamber of the pump cylinder is raised to the upper chamber and rises into the outlet pipe, so that the water is continuously fed and lifted, discharge. Piston pumps are divided into single, double-acting; single, double, multi-cylinder type; lying, vertical, inclined; motorized, manual, pedal, animal type. Piston pump flow Q = 0.71 ~ 6000 m 3 / h, the discharge pressure P2 ≤ 39.2 MPa, in most cases P2 ≤ 24.5 MPa. Piston pump flow is determined by the pump cylinder diameter, piston stroke and reciprocation of the piston per minute; head depends on the device pipeline characteristics, the same piston pump flow unchanged, and head can be changed with the pipeline characteristics of the device. That raise the lift, while the flow unchanged, only in the high-pressure area, the traffic decreased slightly. Piston pumps in the high pressure, small flow of the workplace has a unique advantage, mainly due to its structural features and working principle of the advantages. With the piston pump in the oil, paper, food, medicine and other industries have been affirmed by workers, and its future development has also attracted the attention of many experts and scholars.

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