Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester Measurement Principle

Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester is a special test instrument developed and produced by Hundreds Test Electric according to DL/T409-1991 power industry standard specification. The instrument uses advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology, embedded industrial control system and various voltages. The reference signal sampling method, simultaneous AC and DC dual-purpose type, three identical measurement functions, are applicable to the detection of live or power failure of zinc oxide surge arresters of various voltage levels, thereby promptly discovering dangerous defects such as internal insulation moisture and aging of valve plates.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester Features:

1. The zinc oxide lightning arrester tester adopts a large-screen liquid crystal display, which is operated in a full Chinese menu and is easy to use.

2. High-precision sampling, processing circuit, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology to ensure more reliable data.

3. Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester uses a unique high-speed magnetic isolation digital sensor to directly acquire the input voltage and current signals, ensuring the reliability and safety of the data.

4. The zinc oxide arrester tester can use electric field induction instead of PT secondary wiring.

5. Support no synchronous voltage sampling method.

6. Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester can be measured with three identical, automatic compensation. Use is particularly convenient.

7. Has a resistive current fundamental wave output, side-phase correction and other functions.

8. The zinc oxide lightning arrester tester is equipped with a rechargeable battery, a calendar clock, a micro-printer, and can store 120 sets of measurement data.

Measuring principle:

After the input current voltage is digitally filtered, the fundamental wave is taken out, and the peak value of the resistive current fundamental wave Ir1p=Ix1p.cosφ is calculated by the projection method. Because the fundamental wave value is stable, Ir1p is widely used to measure the performance of the arrester.

The total current fundamental peak Ix1p is projected as Ir1p in the direction of the fundamental wave U1 (E1), and is projected as Ic1p in the vertical direction. φ is the phase angle of the current-voltage fundamental wave, which contains the selected compensation angle (Figure 11). Therefore, using φ and Ir1p can intuitively measure MOA performance considerations:

1, due to cancel the series gap, long-term withstand system voltage, current flow. The active component of the current in the electric current is the heating of the valve and the variation in the characteristics of the lead-in voltammetry. As a result of long-term effects, the valve can be aged and even thermally broken down.

2. The zinc oxide lightning arrester tester is subject to the impact voltage, and the valve chip will also age under the impact of the impact voltage energy.

3. The internal moisture or poor insulation performance of the instrument will increase the power frequency current and increase the power consumption. In severe cases, it will cause internal discharge.

4. The zinc oxide lightning arrester tester is contaminated by rain, snow, condensation, or dust. Due to differences in internal and external power distribution, a potential difference is generated between the internal valve plate and the external porcelain sleeve, resulting in radial discharge. The latest technical parameters reference: http://. . Com

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