What is the cause of the deformity of Pleurotus ostreatus? How to prevent it?

The main types of Pleurotus ostreatus are:

1. The mushroom cover is small, the differentiation is poor, and the mushroom stem is long. The reason for the occurrence is the formation and differentiation of the primordium, the lack of oxygen in the mushroom house, insufficient light, and high temperature, which affects the normal differentiation and development of the cap. Control measures: enhance ventilation, adjust lighting and temperature.

2, the performance of the mushroom cover, mainly on the edge of many granules, light color, mushroom cover stiffness, growth retardation, severe mushroom cover differentiation, irregular shape, the reason is that the mushroom body development temperature is too low, lasting Longer time, resulting in imbalance of inner and outer cell growth. Control measures: regulate the temperature of the mushroom house above the lowest temperature limit of Pleurotus ostreatus, and have a certain temperature difference to promote the growth, development and differentiation of the mushroom body.

3, Cauliflower mushroom shaped like cauliflower, more branched, the initial primordium is egg-shaped, inflated, uplifted, not differentiated. There are many branches in the later stage. The reason is that high concentrations of pesticides are sprayed on the mushroom bed or mushroom house before or during the mushrooming period, especially the “dichlorvos”. The very sensitive mushroom is most likely to cause this disease. It may also be that the mushroom house contains other harmful gases: such as excessive carbon dioxide concentration, and the release of sulfur dioxide from coal burning. Control measures: Pesticide should be used with caution in the mushroom house. The concentration should not be too high when used. Especially in the mushrooming period, it is absolutely not allowed to use dichlorvos, and the ventilation and ventilation are enhanced, and harmful gases are discharged.

4, the shrinking mushroom body is normal at the beginning, in the expansion period that is yellow, edema or dry shrinkage, and stop growing, and finally become soft and rot. The edema-like cause is that the humidity is too large or more water is directly sprayed on the young mushroom body, so that the mushroom tissue absorbs water, affects breathing and metabolism, and stops growing and dying. The shrinkage is due to the relatively low relative humidity of the air, the ventilation is too strong, and the wind blows directly on the mushroom body, causing the mushroom to lose water and die. Or the culture is malnourished. After a large number of primordia are formed, some of them grow rapidly, and the rest are stagnant due to insufficient nutrient supply. Control measures: control the humidity between 80% and 85%. Do not spray water on the young mushroom body, and let the wind blow directly on the mushroom body. Reasonable proportion of culture ingredients. A small number of shiitake mushrooms are due to the degradation of the strains. The symptom is that the caps are not long enough to rewind, yellow, and shrink. Control measures: select excellent varieties.

5, coral mushroom primordium differentiation is not normal, loose, small branches, shaped like coral. The reason is that when the primordium occurs, severe ventilation is poor, the illumination is extremely weak, and the nitrogen source is lacking. Control measures: strengthen ventilation and light to adjust the proportion of carbon and nitrogen, and add nitrogen source.

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