Analysis of Rotor Pump Working Principle

Rotary pump is used in the overall assembly of the shaft, the structure of the device, small size, so work, the need for less work area, while the rotor pump compact structure, packaging is made of stainless steel, Therefore, the rotor pump not only looks beautiful, but also set off its grades. The mastery of the working principle of the rotor pump is crucial when using such products. Rotor pump principle of operation Rotor pump is a kind of medium-pressure single-action quantitative blade pump. The pipe threads on both sides of the rotor pump body are connected with the oil pipe, which are the oil inlet and the oil outlet. The pump body 1 and the rotor 3 are eccentric to form a crescent-shaped cavity. When the motor drives the shaft 7 through the belt pulley 11 to rotate, the vane in the rotor groove closely presses on the pump body wall of the rotor pump due to the centrifugal force. When the blade begins to turn from the tip of the crescent-shaped cavity to the middle, the space between two adjacent blades and the pump body gradually becomes larger to complete the oil absorption process. After passing the midpoint, the space for the rotor pump is gradually reduced from large to complete and the pressure oil is pressed out of the outlet at the other crescent. The right end of the rotor pump cover 13 is filled with a packing 8, which is pressed by a packing gland 12 and a gland nut 9 to prevent the oil from leaking out along the shaft, which serves as a sealing function. The rotor pump body 1 is equipped with a bushing 2, which is easy to replace after the bushing is worn. The two threaded holes on the back of the rotor body are for removal of bushings. Rotor pump is mainly used in many special and key industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, fuel, food, paint, etc. The most outstanding feature of rotor pump is that it can transport super-high viscosity liquid and semi-solid substances because of its special work , So the worker needs to be very familiar with the working principle of the rotor pump.

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