Outdated furniture becomes "tide furniture"

"The paint on the door handle is mottled, as if it has been used for more than 10 years, and the bucket with the umbrella at the door is also a bit old." Miss Dai in Hangzhou recently went to a restaurant by the West Lake to eat. But she was "flickered". This point of wear and depreciation actually took four or five months to be "quick".

Just as it was popular to wear out jeans deliberately a few years ago, nowadays furniture and decoration are also getting “old-fashioned”. The reporter found in the interview that the old furniture is more vicissitudes because of its vintage, and it is more sought after by white-collar workers and middle-class consumers in line with the trend. Although the surface is old, it is expensive, because the last one is done manually, and it is not cheap to labor.
The restaurant wears out new furniture a little bit

"Moulded furniture, brush a layer of black paint on it, wait for it to dry, and then apply a layer of white paint. After this layer of paint has dried, rub it with sandpaper." Ms. Yang of the process of old furniture told reporters that the polished effect makes people feel that "this is an ancient thing experiencing wind and frost." She said that it is mainly to complement her own collection and pursue a kind of memory and nature.

In this restaurant, the reporter saw that not only the gates and escalators were polished, but also the small cabinets, sofas, shoe and hat rooms in the boxes were worn, and the black primer was exposed under the white paint. "The handrails are made by workers with special tools a little bit." The restaurant service staff who have seen this "special treatment" feels very fresh. The brand-new white escalator has now been used by guests for decades. a feeling of.

In a youth hostel opened in Siyanjing, Hangzhou last year, the reporter also saw a lot of similar old furniture. When the boss slightly polished the edges of some of the collected furniture, it gave people a historical texture. "Some customers like this style." The boss said.

"In fact, this last process is more time-consuming than painting." A staff member told reporters that to find a little feeling, some also need to match the original color of the furniture and wear it with different colors. They usually rub a part of the area after a new piece of furniture is dry, creating visual "wear", or rubbing the edges of the furniture with pumice, leaving a white mark.

Because of a little bit of "grinding", the cost of these pieces of furniture is not cheap, after all, it is done by hand.

Outdated furniture into "tide furniture"

Master Zheng, a painter, often receives such a job to make brand-new furniture into an "old look". At first, he could not understand why good new furniture has to be tossed like this. However, he found that the effect made was able to set off the entire decoration environment.

"In fact, the most important thing is to finally use coarse sandpaper to grind the primer on the edge." He said that although it feels very mechanized, it still has to pay attention to it. It takes a lot of time to fix the position and size of the grinding. In addition to the new furniture being "used", some original old furniture also began to appear in his work list. It's a pity to throw it away and leave it useless. Some old cabinets and sofas have been used for many years. The style is outdated and the gloss is no longer. However, such furniture may become a "tide furniture" after being processed through the old process.

Industry insiders told reporters that there are many ways to make old furniture. The most common way of making old furniture is to burn some of the center of the furniture, and then leave the black mark on the wood, and then polish or paint. If you want to make your new home feel like old furniture, it's wear. At present, the custom "made old furniture" comes from the designer, and a small piece of furniture will take more than 4 months to complete.

Reporter's notes

Why new is not as good as old

A few years ago, a pair of new jeans were worn and worn out, and many young people felt "COOL" and trendy. Nowadays, the restaurant furniture industry has begun to lead a retro trend of furniture, and it has obviously begun to gradually integrate into the lives of many young people in Hangzhou. in.

"Since last year, old-style furniture has been liked by some young people." A designer told reporters, especially some Anglo-American pastoral furniture has also become the original form of old furniture, such as white side cabinets, coffee tables Wait. In the past, everyone always pursued the glory of the golden wall, and used expensive stones. Now they choose low-key, hidden on the surface, and a nostalgic plot. They can also see the owner's love for historical culture.

In the online forum, the reporter met several young people who were interested in "old furniture". They obviously had a soft spot for old furniture.

"Now there are also popular trends in the West. There are many such works at the Milan Furniture Fair. It should be said that this trend has just begun." An industry insider in Hangzhou said that the market is quite large.

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