Sichuan furniture enters the high-end market to sound the assembly number

Shot replay: On September 23, 2010, the Sichuan Furniture Import and Export Chamber of Commerce met with the Red Star Macalline Yifeng Shopping Center. Under the witness of many home furnishing industry representatives and media, the first "Sichuan Brand Furniture Direct Sales Center" was officially launched in Zhejiang Province ", Blew the horn of" Sichuan army marching eastward ". The executive vice president of Sichuan Furniture Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Secretary-General Rong Yuwei, Red Star Macalline Deputy General Manager of Fujian and Zhejiang Regional Management and Operation Center Guo Youshe, Red Star Macalline Yifeng Shopping Center Deputy General Manager Guo Zhendong and others attended the opening ceremony.
Red Star Macalline Yifeng Shopping Center's "Sichuan Brand Furniture Direct Sales Center" covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and is located on the second, third and fourth floors of Building B of the shopping mall. There are more than 60 Sichuan furniture backbone brands such as Shishi, Dibiao, Auman, Pioneer, Weiwei and Nandu.
Industry voice: Zhang Chengfeng, chairman of the Hong Kong Furniture Association and managing director of Wei An Furniture, said that China ’s furniture market has a large capacity and will grow larger and larger. Guangdong furniture companies will not be afraid of Sichuan furniture companies entering the first and second markets. The emergence of competition in the market is a good phenomenon. Only when there is competition can progress be made. Weak and stay strong, and we can stay in the market for the last time. Those who can stay in the market last and gain a firm foothold in the market are truly powerful companies.
Chen Qinghua, a senior consultant of the Hong Kong Furniture Association, is more humble. "In the past, there was a sentence that made Guangdong furniture peers very proud. That is to say, Chinese furniture looks at Guangdong. We should not hang on this dazzling aura to be complacent. Today, the mainland economy has developed, so the mainland counterparts are also progressing and developing. And our regions and industries are getting closer and closer, I hope that Guangdong furniture industry Do n’t carry an experience burden, instead, you should carefully review, learn with humility, and actively expand, which will maintain our leading edge. "
Rong Yuwei, executive vice president and secretary general of Sichuan Furniture Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said that the “Sichuan Brand Furniture Direct Sales Center” opened this time was the first “Direct Sales Center” opened after the Chamber of Commerce and Red Star Macalline signed a strategic cooperation alliance agreement. It is of epoch-making significance to the Sichuan furniture industry of "holding a group out of Sichuan" and is a milestone for the collective entry of Sichuan furniture into high-end stores. He said that the launch of this direct sales center is just the beginning. In the future, it will also bring more Sichuan brand furniture to consumers in Zhejiang and all over the country. At the same time, Hangzhou "Sichuan Brand Furniture Direct Sales Center" will also become a springboard for Sichuan furniture to enter the primary market in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Straight from the front line: It is reported that on September 23, more than 60 companies settled in the "Sichuan Furniture Direct Sales Center" and Red Star Macalline jointly held a "zero profit debut" event to benefit the people. The enterprise has adopted the unique "blasting marketing" method of Sichuan Furniture to maximize the return of profits to Hangzhou citizens. According to statistics, the average number of furniture sets sold by participating companies on the opening day was between 1020 sets.

Comment: In the last century, Chinese history staged a social revolution of "encircling the cities from the countryside". Today, Sichuan furniture in the furniture industry is also taking the route of "encircling the countryside from the countryside". "Sichuan Furniture Brand Center" has started the prelude of "Rural Surrounded City", and the wonderful has just begun ...
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