The decoration project is very complicated, revealing the "ten traps" of the packaging and repair process

Everyone knows that decoration is a complicated big project. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, here are some traps for cleaning and repairing.

Wall decoration phenomenon: latex paint is currently the most common wall decoration material, which can be painted, roller coated or sprayed during construction. If the worker is not serious or perfunctory during the construction, there will often be a slight color difference. Especially the darker latex paint, this problem will occur.

Warm reminder: The latex paint needs to be added with some water before use, and the prepared latex paint should be used up at one time. It is also best to apply paints of the same color once. If the wall needs to be repaired after construction, the entire wall must be repainted.

Sewer pipe phenomenon: When the construction team is renovating, sometimes in order to save effort, construction waste containing a lot of cement, sand and concrete fragments is poured into the sewer. The immediate consequence is a serious blockage of the sewer, causing the kitchen and toilet to run into the water due to poor drainage. Although some projects have no problems in the final acceptance, they always have problems of poor launching.

Warmth reminder: Strictly supervise the construction team and cannot take down the waterway to use as garbage. After the waterway construction is completed, fill all water basins, basins and bathtubs with water, and then drain the water at the same time to see if the water is unobstructed and whether the pipeline has leakage problems.

Wire joint phenomenon: When electricians install sockets, switches and lamps, they do not wire according to construction requirements. Especially when consumers use electrical appliances such as water heaters and air conditioners that consume a large amount of electricity, the switches and sockets are heated or even burned, which brings great economic losses to consumers.

Warmth reminder: During the construction, supervise the electrician to carry out the construction in strict accordance with the operating regulations. After all the switches and sockets are installed, they must be used in practice to see if there is heat in these parts.

Wall and floor tile paving phenomenon: Paving wall and floor tiles is a more technical process. If the workers cut corners, they are most prone to problems such as hollow tiles and uneven alignment. In addition, the cement and adhesives used for laying tiles are also particular. If the ratio is not reasonable, they will also fall off.

Warm reminder: According to the "Quality Acceptance Standards for Family Room Decoration Engineering" issued by the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, wall and floor tiles should be laid flat and firm, with clear patterns, no dirt and pulp marks, basically the same color on the surface, uniform joints, and no cracks on the plates , Corners and missing edges, local hollows shall not exceed 5% of the total.

Grooving on the wall: The buried pipeline must be grooved on the wall and the ground before the pipeline can be buried. The brutal construction of a few workers during the slotting operation not only damaged the load-bearing structure of the building, but also caused damage to other nearby pipelines.

Warm reminder: Before construction, confirm the direction and location of the pipeline with the construction team leader. The slotting requirements are different for different wall structures. The bearing wall in the house is not allowed to be grooved, and the wall with insulation layer is easy to cause cracks on the surface after the groove is grooved, and grooved on the ground, be careful not to damage the floor slab to the residents downstairs make trouble.

Phenomenon of wire penetration: In home decoration construction, almost all wires are worn in PVC pipes and buried in the walls. Therefore, after the wire is inserted into the PVC pipe, the consumer cannot see it at all, and it is difficult to replace it. If the worker is not careful in the operation, it will cause the wire to be kinked in the pipe, causing hidden dangers of electricity. If the worker intends to cut corners, he will use the wire with the connector or wear several wires in the same PVC pipe.

Warm reminder: consumers are best to buy the wires themselves, and then supervise the operation of the workers on site, and carry out power-on inspection after installation. In addition, consumers must let the decoration engineering team leave a "pipeline diagram". When the electrician has just buried the wires into the wall, he must number these walls and draw a floor plan, and then use a pen to draw the direction and specific location of the wire, indicating the position of the upper floor from the floor, the lower ground and the adjacent wall,

In particular, the position of the joints of the pipeline should be marked, so that if a fault occurs, the location of the line can be found immediately.

Phenomenon processing: The so-called "noodles" are small places that some consumers can't see and don't pay attention to, such as the upper edge of the door, the underside of the window board, the inside of the heating hood, etc. Some workers are in There will be cut corners here, even without any treatment.

Warmth reminder: Remember, any object has 6 planes, and do not ignore any details when checking the quality of the project.

Substrate treatment phenomenon: Before painting latex paint and laying wall and floor tiles, be sure to do substrate treatment. Some workers cut corners in this area during construction, which may cause unevenness of the wall surface, color difference after painting the latex paint, or discoloration of the latex paint or shedding of the ceramic tile.

Warm reminder: In the construction of wall and floor tiles, you should pay attention to that the tiles cannot be directly laid on the surface of lime mortar, lime paste, paper-strength lime paste, trowel lime mortar and latex paint, but the base level should be cleaned Can be laid behind. The cement paste used between the ceramic tile and the substrate should be formulated in strict accordance with the construction standards and proportions, and the specified grade cement and cement material should be used, which cannot be arbitrarily formulated.

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