The pace of expansion has not stopped, the actual home opened the first new furniture museum in 2011

In a home furnishing forum, the CEO of a brand furniture company was exposed to the dilemma of being "expanded", that is, "forced" by the home store to expand. For a time, the home store was swayed by public opinion, and "expanded" also became a hot word in the industry. However, public opinion has not stopped the expansion of the store. After more than three months of preparation and transformation, the new furniture pavilion of Shilihe Store, which was transformed from the original Oriental Huimei Home Plaza, was recently unveiled. This is the first time in Beijing in 2011. A new home store that was unveiled.
"New Furniture Hall of Shilihe Store" is the original Oriental Huimei Home Furnishing Plaza. It is located at the southeast corner of Shilihe Bridge, close to the East Third Ring Road, and is located at the leading position of "Shilihe Home Furnishing Building Street". The transportation is very convenient. The entire store has a building area of ​​50,000 square meters from one to six floors. Its business scope covers imported furniture, rattan furniture, upholstered furniture, solid wood furniture, children's furniture, European and American furniture, classical furniture, mahogany and Chinese furniture and other full range of furniture. Wang Linpeng, President of Actual House, said at the opening scene that the New Furniture Pavilion is committed to creating a warm and comfortable home environment for successful people pursuing fashion and quality. To this end, while creating an ultra-large-scale and excellent shopping environment, it has introduced EDITIONS, International and domestic top home furnishing brands such as Fleisha, Dunlop, Royal Modern, Zhongzhixin, etc., fully meet the personalized pursuit of high-end consumers for home furnishing concepts.

In September 2010, Juran Home successfully acquired Dongfang Huimei Furniture Plaza, which is located at the leading position of Shilihe Building Materials Street, and immediately began to carry out renovation and upgrade according to the "Jul mode". After only three months of preparation and renovation, the museum Officially opened to the public in the image of a furniture pavilion. The original home Shilihe store will be unveiled as a professional building materials museum. In addition to retaining existing well-known building material brands, it will also introduce more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign brands to settle in. After the layout is improved, well-known brands of 60,000 square meters of stores are gathered, which are classified according to floors and different partitions.

With the opening of the Furniture Pavilion, the total area of ​​the stores of Shilihe Commercial Street in Shilihe Commercial Street will reach 110,000 square meters. The products cover decorative materials, furniture and home decoration products. .
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