Furniture hardware accessories industry enters the era of design

Furniture hardware accessories industry enters the era of design

As more and more young people become the main consumers of consumption, the demand for furniture hardware accessories is also changing, from the original basic practical functions to the combination of aesthetics and practicality. Although hardware accessories are inconspicuous, but it directly determines the comfort and aesthetics of the entire home. In the future, furniture hardware accessories will directly affect the quality of furniture. Currently, there are homogenization of hardware fittings in the market. In view of this situation, powerful companies will continue to increase research and development efforts to design more humanized products. For small furniture companies, if the design capabilities do not possess , can use foreign hardware directly.

It is reported that more than 90% of high-end furniture is equipped with foreign hardware. Foreign hardware has become the main symbol of high-end furniture. Although some domestic large-scale furniture companies have already gained certain popularity, they have also been forced to use large quantities of foreign hardware in order to adapt to the fierce market competition in the high-end furniture field, so as to further expand the market share of the products.

In the market, there are hundreds of brands of hardware accessories. There are not many people who truly have a reputation. There are even fewer domestic hardware accessories that can really enter the high-end market. For the majority of the hardware industry, domestic furniture hardware accessories are lagging behind in terms of design level, management level, or manufacturing technology, and they need to be continuously improved in the future.

Domestic hardware accessories industry has entered the design era, if the furniture companies do not pay attention to product design, but blind imitation, sooner or later be eliminated by the market.

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