Sunscreen masks are popular in summer

In the summer of the summer, when the sun was burning, the temperature of the mean song even rose to 34 degrees. Many beautiful women began to "dress up" themselves with full arms. Hats, sunglasses, and sun protection clothing took turns. This is not the case. This year's new popular summer sun protection neck masks are quietly popular.

In the busy Yellow River Street, in the people's lively Baipu Park, in the bustling downtown, when you look up you may be able to take a picture with a woman wearing a sunscreen mask. They wear masks on their faces, and their chins are covered with fan-shaped muslins spread out over their chests. They look mysterious and elegant. In this way, some women are still afraid of sunburn, masks are also decisively coupled with a large mirror, a broad-brimmed sun hat on the head, dressed even more than the ancient masked heroes even more mysterious, even if It is an acquaintance who walks in and cannot see clearly. In an instant, she rides an electric car or motorcycle and passes by you. What is left for you is a graceful back, with a graceful neck gauze behind it.

In contrast to previous years, the main role of masks this summer is not to prevent dust but to protect against sun. In addition to the part that covers the nose and mouth, a fan-shaped sun cloth is attached to the bottom, not only to protect the neck, but also to take care of the back side, like an ultra-thin large shawl. This type of sunscreen mask was nicknamed “Summer Artifact” by Amy's female netizens, and the seller proudly claimed that it was developed specifically for “people who like to ride outdoors or locomotive commuters suffering from dust pollution”. Reporters circled the county town and many shops have already sold new sunscreen masks on shelves. Asked the sales situation, the seller proudly said that the sales volume is also good, and there is a match with sun protection clothing. The reporter searched the internet for a while and found out tens of thousands of sunscreen masks from Taobao. The styles are novel, and the types are quite numerous. The purpose of use is more of a god, what is dustproof, what is the prevention of pathogens, and the prevention of automobile exhaust, prevention Influenza, and some businesses also played signs, saying that the UV shielding rate of 99%. Then take a look at these mask samples, which are pure cotton, silk, lace, and chiffon, some are solid colors, some are splicing styles, some also have lotus leaf laces, and the ends are beautifully styled, light and lovely, attracting lots of love. Beautiful female heart.

When the sunscreen masks were just beginning to flourish, they were old-fashioned, single-colored, and they looked very heavy and quite "ridiculous". Even many children shouted at women wearing masks: "masked women! masked women!" But with the continuous listing of new products, sunscreen masks are becoming increasingly thin, beautiful, and increasingly Many beautiful women accept it. Various kinds of sunscreen masks from the sun on Taobao. Prices range from a few yuan to more than one hundred yuan. Some “buy two packages”, some “buy three get ones,” and some come with activated carbon tablets. Get everything together to attract customers.

Does wearing such a mask really have so many effects? The reporter interviewed the citizens of the streets at random. Some women said that sun protection was the main role. As for dust prevention and anti-flu, they did not actually feel it. Some women also said that these masks are generally very thin for the sake of being beautiful, too thin to wear does not work, or will feel very sun. Change something thicker, airtight, too hot. It seems that some business boasting "ultra-fast dry, rapid perspiration, circulation breathable", "breathable and refreshing, can let the skin breathe for 24 hours" is just an exaggerated slogan.

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