Flooring industry highlights environmental issues

Flooring industry highlights environmental issues
The Flooring industry has been developing in China for nearly three decades. Some advanced flooring companies have already started new product development, such as the introduction of many concept products. However, new product innovation is still not enough. Flooring companies also need to Strengthen the brand building.
Flooring companies enter the excess market
Through a period of development, the domestic flooring industry has already developed from the "shortage market" of the last century to the "excess market" and has undergone a fundamental reversal from "enterprise-led market" to "market-dominated enterprise," and the same Quality competition leads to various crises. Coupled with the impact of real estate, even after the rigid demand has been fully released, although the flooring market is also going into the peak season, it is not enough to eat, and many floor brands still do not have enough food.
And because of the increase in the cost of raw materials, the increase in labor costs, and the appreciation of ***, export-oriented flooring companies have not been so good in recent days, and floor exports have suffered a great deal. Therefore, due to the impact of the international economic situation, coupled with the weak bargaining power of some floor companies, profits of many companies have become thinner and the risks have increased. Difficulties in exporting forced some of the export companies to switch to the infield, further aggravating the white-hot competition in the domestic flooring industry.
The fierce competition can be seen from this year’s May 1st event: “A lot of companies are fighting price wars and carry out a variety of promotional activities to attract consumers’ attention.” In addition, the head of a floor company believes that Severe differentiation in flooring sales channels is also one of the reasons that exacerbates competition in the industry. “Traditional channels have been hit and sales have become increasingly fragmented. If companies miss other channels, there will be no small losses.”
Environmental issues in the flooring market have become increasingly prominent
As we all know, the quality inspection industry for the detection of the environmental protection of the floor has become a barrier for many floor brands. A series of problems such as excessive formaldehyde, brand exposure, and quality blacklist have always been one of the key issues that plagued the development of the flooring industry. For several years, this dark cloud has always covered the market of the flooring industry, and many consumers concerned about the health of the environment have to pay close attention to the wooden floor. The China Wood and Wood Products Distribution Association's wood floor distribution professional committee declared at the end of 2013 that it will advance the classification system of floor companies in 2014, and that the environmental rating will be an important basis for the classification of enterprises.
The reason why the exposure incidents in the flooring industry frequently occurs is that many floor businesses lack sense of responsibility, they are not strictly controlled in the manufacturing process, and the floor threshold is too low, which also results in many enterprises’ technology being out of control and difficult to control formaldehyde. content.
In addition to the lack of corporate ability, the lack of industry standards and backwardness have always been the key to market confusion. At the same time, the lack of supervision and binding force has also exacerbated the environmental performance of some of its flooring products. A person in charge of a floor company stated that the loopholes in access standards have caused many kinds of environmental products to be indistinguishable. “The introduction of the new rating system and the new environmental protection law has a better supervision role for the flooring companies.”

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