The marble tiles come from behind

Marble Tiles

The development of China's architectural ceramics industry for more than 60 years, from scratch, to the last, the last hundred flowers bloom together to complete the building of China's ceramic industry in the world arena, China has become China's largest building ceramics production country; building ceramics industry development The process shows that tile products are the strength of their development and proof of their progress.

The success of each type of tile will surely help promote the development of the ceramic industry. At the same time, the emergence of each new product is the result of the overall improvement of hardware and software in the ceramic industry. From polished tiles to tiled tiles such as antique tiles and microcrystalline tiles, the revolutionary new building materials “marble tiles” that have become popular in the industry and terminal markets in recent years are proof.

The marble tiles pioneered by Jane Yi in 2009 were the products of the new stone generation environmental protection industry. It appears to have effectively replaced natural stone and protected natural resources to a certain extent. At the same time, marble tiles are the cross-border products of stone and ceramic tiles. Green blue is better than blue, and the late comers are right to describe the relationship between marble tiles and natural marble and other tile categories.

Recently, the position of marble tiles has been certified by authoritative programs. In order to verify whether marble tiles have radiation, the CCTV2 trump card program “is it true?” Invites Deputy Director of Radiation Protection Office of Tsinghua University, Dr. Zhu Li, Geochemistry Ph.D. Professional equipment, on-site inspection of the marble tile radiation value, and the results show that: the on-site inspection samples belong to the A-type building materials, can be used safely, but also to the vast number of consumers confirmed that "the marble tiles have rumors of radiation, is false!"

Facing the scarcity of natural marble in the face of scarce resources, marble tiles seem to have come from saving natural marble. Lin Xueming, president of Guangzhou Jimei Group Interior Design Engineering Co., Ltd., believes that “marble tiles play an important role in protecting the marble source.”

The marble tiles are based on natural marble. Marble tiles have a natural marble realistic decorative effect in terms of texture, color, texture, and touch. Under the protection of modern production technology, marble tiles are waterproof, flat, and flexural strength. The performance in terms of practicality is even more remarkable. It eliminates the defects such as large color difference in natural marble, high enthalpy, easy seepage and seepage, difficulty in handling, and long lead times. As Li Yajiang, chief designer of Shanghai Xingjie Design & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. puts it, “Compared with stone materials, the disadvantage of natural stone is its advantage.”

The appearance of marble tiles has subverted the pattern of “natural marbles for high-end venues and ceramic tiles for middle and low-grade venues”. As Shenzhen’s top designer Li Zhihao put it, marble tiles have always pursued the realm of “from stone to stone”. , Marble tiles are more controllable than natural marble, but not because of the instability of the quality of natural marble affect the actual application, can achieve a better visual effect; it's worldly solution to the natural pattern between marble and tile , Fully meet the eager pursuit of the vast consumer groups for luxury space.

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