Flexible bolts for variable load bolt joints---fastener expertise (easy to ask questions 17)

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Shown as a flexible bolt, it is used in a tight bolt connection subject to axially variable loads, the main function of which is ______.

A. Reduce the weight of the joint B. Reduce the bolt stiffness and reduce the stress amplitude

C. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble the bolts. D. Increase the tightness of the joints.

Flexible bolts for use in variable load bolt connections

Previous Review - Issue 16: The main role of the illustrated suspension nut is ______.

A. As a locking device for the joint B. Reduce the rigidity of the bolt system
C. Uniform force on each thread of the nut D. Prevent the bolt from being subjected to bending load

Answer analysis:

Suspension nut action analysis

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