Intelligent building intercom system features and details

Video intercom system is the safest and most convenient feature for home portal management. The use of visual intercoms or intercoms to identify visitors in the room can both eliminate nuisances and simplify door-opening procedures. It is an ideal facility for homes.
The intelligent building intercom system is an intelligent building intercom system integrating microelectronic technology, computer technology, communication technology and multimedia technology. It can realize the functions of (visual) intercom, indoor multi-channel alarm network control, two-way intercom between household and household, and network access control. According to the market function requirements of the current intercom system, it is divided into villa-type (visual) intercom system, direct-type (visual) intercom system, code-type (visual) intercom system, household pass (visual ) Different product lines such as intercom systems and intelligent networking (visual) intercom systems can fully meet the needs of the market.
Features and features
Ø The visitor dials the indoor extension of the respondent through the cell unit entrance host.
Ø Residents can see visitors' images through indoor extensions. The door machine is equipped with infrared light-emitting diodes to ensure that the image is as clear as at night. The door features automatic backlight compensation to ensure that the visitor is as clear as the picture taken even on a bright background.
Ø Extension-free hang-up function, the extension does not hang up does not affect the call.
Ø Ringing tone is generated by the MCU and is pleasant to hear.
Ø Real-time short-circuit automatic protection, automatic electric lock protection, battery undervoltage protection.
Ø The host enters a low-power state while waiting. Power can be delayed for 48 hours after a power outage. Remote unlocked and reliable. Adopt a reliable one-one-one system, password unlocking.
Ø Visitors can talk with the management center through the entrance host. Household intercom, households in the district can use the center and the door of the host to call between the real household and the household (household intercom type).
Ø The door machine can talk with the management machine. Each door machine can call the management machine and talk. The management machine can be unlocked by remote control.
Ø Emergency broadcasting. In case of emergency, the community management center can make emergency call to each household in the community through the central management machine. A secondary management machine is set up at each secondary entrance to realize a complete internal communication system of the community.
Ø The management center machine can take 248 door machines and 6 auxiliary management machines.
Main function introduction
Talkback visual function
The visitor can dial the extension of the unit at the door of the unit to call the household extension. The indoor extension of the household rings and the visitor's image is displayed on the screen at the same time. The occupants can call the visitor to speak with the phone to identify the identity of the visitor.
Automatic door closing function
After the occupants and the visitors have talked with each other, when the resident allows the visitor to enter, the unit door can be remotely unlocked by pressing the unlock key on the extension. After the visitor enters the gate, the security door is automatically closed under the door closer.
Automatic anti-theft function
The anti-theft door at the entrance of the unit is normally closed, and the non-unit personnel cannot enter the unit corridor, thereby effectively preventing some miscellaneous personnel from entering the unit corridor and effectively preventing the thief from entering the corridor.
Password unlock function
When the resident returns home, the key can be unlocked, and the host can also enter the unlock code to unlock the door, which can realize a one-one-one-yard system, and the resident can change the unlock password at any time.
Emergency ambulance function
If the resident has a sick person who needs emergency care, he can press the emergency button on the extension to call the management center for help. The emergency button can also be installed in the bed or in the bedroom of the elderly person to facilitate the emergency call for help. After the management center receives the information for help, he can call for help. Contact the medical ambulance unit immediately to save the patient.
Resident and management center two-way call function
When residents need help from the property center, such as equipment maintenance, they can press the emergency assistance system button to ask for help from the voice assistance system; if the management center needs to notify the household of the situation, such as reminding utilities, property maintenance fees, or issuing notices, Call dialing households to achieve two-way intercom function between residents and the center.

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