What are the advantages of Baiyi cabinets? Baiyi cabinet joining conditions

Xiao Bian has taken everyone to understand how Bai Yi cabinets and seen Baiyi cabinet renderings, then Baiyi cabinet products have what advantage? Now Baiyi cabinet stores are direct stores or franchise stores? What are the conditions for joining Baiyi cabinets ? Let's take a look at Xiao Bian today.

Baiyi kitchen cabinet brand advantage

Baiyi kitchen cabinet was founded in 1998. It used to be Haoyi kitchenware. The factory is located in Minhang Industrial Area, Shanghai. With a total investment of over RMB 20 million, it has two production line flow operations.

Baiyi Kitchen Cabinets has become the core member of the Shanghai Kitchen Cabinet Professional Committee, and won the title of AAA Quality Enterprise, Service, Credit AAA Enterprise and Green Building Material Product in 2005.

As the company continues to grow and develop, it has accumulated and innovated a lot of valuable experience, from the management, production processes to raw materials, hardware accessories and other aspects have a perfect model

Baiyi Kitchen Cabinet Investment Promotion Policy

Franchising is a continuing relationship between franchising headquarters and franchisees through contracts that establishes mutual benefits. Baiyi headquarters provides its own brand and operating technology, and franchisees use capital, manpower and geographical relationships to create a win-win situation.

1. Form of Affiliation: Baiyi Company authorizes brands and provides products to franchisees. The franchisee invests in full amount, establishes malls and conducts business operations, performs independent accounting, assumes sole responsibility for profits and losses, and accepts corporate management and supervision in terms of image and operation.

2. Funds: The total investment is 10-30 thousand yuan per store.

Baiyi kitchen cabinet joining conditions

Operating conditions: shopping area: 60m2 (county, district), 100 m2—150 m2 (city level, municipality) or above.

Location selection: Independent facade or access to professional markets (such as the decoration market).

Sample quantity: According to company standard configuration scheme 4-6 sets.

Mall renovation: According to the company's standard renovation program (national unity) for decoration.

Office supplies: configure fax machines and computers and access the Internet.

Monopoly requirements: We must monopolize Baiyi cabinet products and related products provided by Baiyi.

Brand franchise gold: According to the company's unified regulations to collect 8,000 yuan brand franchise.

Minimum turnover: It refers to the minimum standard sales (company and shopping mall contract settlement amount) that a mall needs to complete within a certain period of time.

Staffing and professional quality:

1. The person in charge should meet the following conditions A, have a strong spirit of progress, have certain operational management, operational capabilities, and have the ability to continue to develop. B. Have a certain amount of financial strength and good capital credit. C. Has a certain cultural foundation and can carry out computer management. D. There are risks in investment, and there is a correct understanding of the investment risks and benefits and full psychological preparation.

2. Designer: At least one. High school education or above. Good computer professional, understand AUTOAD and mechanical drawing, can go to the company to learn. If the academic performance meets the requirements of the company, it is issued to the employment permit and allowed to operate.

3. Demonstrators: At least one, above high school, good image, good at expressing communication.

4. Installer: At least one, junior high school or above, requires a carpentry foundation.

The relevant information about Baiyi cabinet was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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