How to regulate the flow of micro-pump

Many users use miniature pumps, because the pump flow is too large, the need to regulate the flow, the previous are by lowering the voltage or the valve way to adjust, to bring a lot of inconvenience to use. Mini water pump WNY series is a water vapor dual-use pump, which is WKY series of upgraded products, in addition to better performance, longer life expectancy, the biggest feature of this series: adjustable pump flow! Its several major advantages are as follows: 1. With brushless motor, long life, low interference. Can run continuously day and night; do not interfere with the surrounding electronic components, do not pollute the power supply. 2. Both direct pumping, but also pumping, is a dual gas pump; can self-absorption, but also "dry turn." 3. In order to be more simple and convenient, it can be equipped with the new speed pump box of Xinchengcheng Company. The wiring of the pump motor can be directly inserted into the speed control box, which can be changed by rotating the knob on the speed control box and changing the motor speed Miniature pump flow. 4. A motor speed feedback signal. This shows the pump operating status, easy to achieve closed-loop control, the system more intelligent. 5. With overheat protection, overload protection: For example, unexpected accidents may lead to abnormal increase of pump motor temperature. At this moment, the pump will automatically protect and stop the machine to prevent the motor from burning out. If foreign matter falls into the motor, it may jam and the pump will automatically protect the machine from shutdown , To avoid burning the motor; so "New for honesty" micro-pump WNY series of self-protection function is perfect. 6. Maintenance-free, oil-free, does not pollute the working medium.

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