Global agro-planting area continues to expand in 2011

February 7 (Reporter Ren Haijun) The International Agricultural Biotechnology Application Service Organization, headquartered in the United States, issued a report on the 7th, saying that compared to 2010, the global acreage of genetically modified crops increased by 8% in 2011 to 160 million hectares.

According to the report, last year a total of 29 countries around the world planted genetically modified crops, of which 19 were developing countries and 10 were developed countries; developing countries added 8.2 million hectares of GM crops, and developed countries added 3.8 million hectares, respectively. About 11% and 5%.

According to the report, the country with the largest area of ​​genetically modified crops in 2011 was the United States, which reached 69 million hectares, mainly corn, soybeans, cotton, rapeseed, etc. Brazil and Argentina ranked second and third respectively, and the planting area was 30.3 million hectares respectively. And 23.7 million hectares. The remaining top countries are India, Canada, China, Paraguay, Pakistan, South Africa, and Uruguay, and their planting area exceeds one million hectares.

The current GM food policy in the United States began with the Clinton administration. Its characteristic is “regardless of whether or not to speak”, that is, a policy that stipulates voluntary labeling but does not actually label, and its theoretical basis is the “substantial equivalence” principle of the US Food and Drug Administration. That is, genetically modified foods and traditional foods are essentially different.

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