Children's furniture can not be sloppy to let the baby grow up healthily

The baby is active and sleepless, but even annoying children want him/her to grow up healthy. In addition to protecting children from external injuries, you should be careful about hidden dangers at home. Children's furniture should be carefully selected.

First, common children's furniture problems

Bright colors

When many parents choose children's furniture, they think that the bright colors will attract children's attention and the children will like it more. However, the colorful transitional furniture may have a hidden crisis.

Frequent replacement

The little furniture bought for the child took a while, the child was uncomfortable and could only buy it again. Later, it was discovered that the furniture used by the child was replaced too quickly.

Corner bumps

Usually very quiet children, who do not know why there is always a variety of injuries, there are bruises and scratches, and later found to be the edge of the furniture to blame.

Second, security measures to protect growth

Children's sitting, lying and lying are closely linked with children's furniture. If there are problems with these furniture or there are security risks, it will have a great impact on the child's growth. The necessary safety measures are the true love of the child.

1. Safer corners of the arc For children with delicate skin, minor bumps can leave bruises, not to mention sharp corners. When children do not pay attention when they run, they are easily injured by sharp corners. The corners of children's furniture should be rounded to ensure that they do not hurt children.

2, breathable function to prevent suffocation children like to drill to go, and even hid in a closed cabinet, for the child's room can be closed furniture, there should be vents to prevent the child after entering the risk of suffocation. In addition, the way to open it should be simple, even if children can hide inside.

3, to reduce the glass materials Some children's furniture, in order to look good, will use glass materials, but the glass is heavy, and easy to cut the child after the rupture. For light transmission, beauty, and safety, it is recommended that furniture made of resin materials be used to decorate the furniture.

Third, according to age choose furniture

Children of different ages have different needs and the furniture used will also be different. According to the child's actual needs, choose the corresponding furniture, create a comfortable living environment for children, let children grow up healthy, happy and safe.

Infant: Large space for activities

Infanthood: The baby in the baby's life in a large space is soft and soft, and when he is not climbing, he can only lie down and sleep. What is needed is a comfortable and safe baby cot. The use of eco-friendly materials and fine-crafted furniture will ensure your baby's health and have enough space to allow your baby to move freely.

3-6 years old: curiously active 23-6 years old: curiously active Children in this period lively, curiosity and thirst for knowledge, color perception is particularly strong, furniture should be cheerful and interesting , It is best to have a storage function to help develop children's self-care ability.

7 years old or older: Multi-purpose space 37 years old or older: Multi-purpose space Children who start elementary school need multi-functional children's furniture, such as an integrated desk, integrated children's bed, etc., to rationally plan the storage space, taking into account entertainment, learning, Sleep, self-care, and so on, so that children have a certain amount of private space.

Identify furniture quality and safety

The child is in a stage of growth and development. The development of all aspects is not yet mature. If the furniture that is in daily contact is not safe and healthy, it will easily cause harm to the child's health. Material safety, exquisite craftsmanship and surface painting are the criteria for judging the safety of children's furniture.

Purchase items

1, indicate the applicable age

Children's furniture should clearly indicate in the instructions for use that the product is suitable for children's age. Different ages refer to different mechanical performance tests. Children aged 7 and over enjoy jumping and jumping, so children's furniture in this age group has mechanical properties. The demand will be higher.

2, formaldehyde emission above E1

According to GB18580, the formaldehyde emission limits of interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products are clearly defined. The amount of formaldehyde released from artificial panels must reach E1 level (≤1.5mg/L) before they can be used indoors.

3, surface coating safety

The "General Technical Standard for Children's Furniture" limits the content of barium, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium and other substances coated on the surface of furniture, and the free formaldehyde in leather and textile fabric must be less than 30mg/kg. The use of decomposable aromatic amines is prohibited.

Children's furniture purchase notes

1, furniture materials selection of environmental protection The current common children's furniture materials are mainly pine materials, followed by wood, hardwood. Pine sells with environmental protection as its selling point, brightly colored panels, and colored hardwoods cater to children's psychology. Each of the three materials has its own advantages. It is the most important environmental protection without considering other conditions.

2, smooth surface technology delicate children often contact with furniture, so the children's furniture must be smooth surface, especially wooden furniture, no glitch is the primary condition, but also pay attention to whether there is insects, frugal, the parts to be stable, Hardware accessories ensure no corrosion, rust or looseness.

3, wood lacquer is very important for the use of children's furniture, in addition to highlighting the color of the original wood varnish, the bright colors are also very eye-catching. The material of the furniture is very safe, and the quality of the wood lacquer on the furniture surface is also very important. If you can't judge the safety of paint, you can choose to buy wood paint yourself.

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