Decoration accessories do not ignore the quality of home improvement

Decoration is a major event at home, especially for the first time home improvement, materials, construction and other aspects are a lot of problems, and in addition to the common materials such as flooring, tiles, and coatings, the selection of cement is also learned. . Cement is the most used material for decoration. If it is not properly selected, it will not only affect the progress of the construction, but also cause inconvenience to the home life in the future.

First, choose to do planning to buy more reasonable and worry

Cement is a commonly used material in decoration and is a powdery hydraulic inorganic gelling material. After adding water, it becomes a slurry, which can be hardened in air or hardened in water, and can firmly bind sand, stone and other materials together. For a long time, it has been widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense and other projects as an important cementing material. Here we look at the purchase of cement.

1, different ratios are different: cement types introduced

At present, there are many varieties of cement on the market. Cement can be divided into silicate cement, aluminate cement, sulphoaluminate cement, and phosphate cement according to its main components. According to the use and performance of cement, it can be divided into general cement (such as portland cement, slag portland cement, etc.), special cement (such as medium and low-heat cement, etc.) and characteristic cement (such as fast hard portland cement, expansion Cement, etc.)

2, compare the true knowledge: a variety of matching PK

There are various cement mortar ratios in home improvement, and different cement mortar ratios are applied to different construction projects in home improvement. Through the above table, you can understand the applicable space, composition and characteristics of various ratios.

3, understand clearly do not choose the wrong: to understand the basic indicators of cement

The quality of cement depends mainly on the technical performance of the cement. Before buying, you need to understand some basic indicators of cement, including: your weight, fineness, setting time and so on.

4, must be smart consumption: cement consumption calculation

Cement price = cement costs + transportation costs. The frame structure is different according to the type of masonry, imitate the use of quotas, calculate the amount of mortar, and then calculate the amount of cement according to the strength grade of the mortar. Under normal circumstances, the cement is 50 kg per package, and the quantity used is determined according to the different space area.

Second, careful selection of guaranteed inspection quality buy peace of mind

Cement yellow sand is a relatively large amount of products used in concealment projects. At present, there are more sub-filled products in the market. If you buy fake cement, quality does not depend on it, and it is difficult to repair problems. The following describes a few inspection steps, teach you to do a good job in the quality of cement inspection.

One check: check production date

True cement bags will have a lot number on the side or back to indicate the date of production, because the cement is prone to dampness or agglomeration for a long time. Generally, it will not exceed one week from the time of delivery to the factory. The implementation standard should be GB175-2007. Fake because it is produced by a small workshop, generally there will be no batch number or use of expired packaging.

Second look: look to see the appearance

National standards stipulate that cement types, markings, factory names, and factory numbers in cement packaging markings are not all defective products. You can also look at the package's gutter and look at the brand label. There are 4 words "green product" above the paper bag. The seal is closed in a circle. If it is 2 pieces of paper, it means the package has been opened. The brand label behind the real cement bag is more flexible and the fixed character is written in a small carcass, which is different from the fake cement.

Three discrimination: distinguish cement color

Observe whether the color is dark gray or dark green, the color yellow, white (yellow shows the raw material is clinker, white, indicating excessive slag content) cement strength is relatively low. In general, the normal color of cement should be grayish, and the color is too deep or there may be too much other impurities.

Four pinch: cement must feel

False cement is also inferior to real cement in feel. Using fake cement powder with fingers, it feels that there are more grit powders, and there are a lot of rough particles, and there are moisture and agglomeration phenomenon. If you feel a little fine, sand, and powder, it indicates that the cement is fine.

Yellow sand cement buy cement yellow sand cement

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