What are the herbicides suitable for apple application?

The roots of apple trees are deeply distributed, and herbicides are generally adsorbed by soil particles on the surface of 5-10 cm of soil. Therefore, in general, the use of herbicides can be more appropriate than the crop field to improve the efficacy. Extend the period of validity.

There are many types of herbicides suitable for weeding in apple orchards, mainly including:

1. Glyphosate, paraquat, glufosinate and other stem and leaf treatment agents. These herbicides should be sprayed with stems and leaves during the vigorous growth period of weeds (grass 10-20 cm). The effect is good and the weeding is thorough. However, it is only effective for weeds, there is no residual period, and new grass will soon occur in the rainy season.

2, soil treatment agents such as trifluralin, atrazine, chlorpyrifos, simazine, acetochlor, oxadiazon, pendimethalin, oxyfluorfen, etc., this part of the herbicide should be in weeds The ground sealing treatment is carried out before unearthing, and the residual effect period is generally about 60 days. The soil moisture has a great influence on the effect of the soil treatment agent.

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