Diatom mud construction diatom mud construction steps

Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. When choosing decoration materials, it is first necessary to see whether it is an environmental protection material. Among the numerous decoration materials, diatom mud is safe and environmentally friendly, and it is loved by many consumers. Then how do diatom mud construction ? Today Xiao Bian and everyone together to understand the diatom mud related presentations, to see how diatom mud construction .

How diatom mud works

1, construction tools

Need to prepare portable electric mixer, prepare 2-3 barrels, water containers, brushes, rags, trowels, foot ladders, and other construction tools.

The diatom mud material budget needs to be 0.7-1.0 square meters per kilogram of construction area. Generally, it needs to be applied twice and the thickness is 2.5mm. After the specific area of ​​the construction is measured, the texture pattern is determined and the amount of diatom mud wall material required is confirmed.

2, grassroots processing

Before the construction of diatom mud, you need to do a basic treatment of the wall surface. General construction masters have the skills to deal with the grassroots, so they can be handed over directly to construction for processing. After the grass roots have been dealt with, inspections can be conducted and problems found during inspections can be dealt with promptly. However, if a wall crack or a plywood gypsum board splicing process has been covered by a putty layer, it cannot be detected. Therefore, we must be very careful at the grass-roots level, and supervision should be done.

3, material reconciliation

1. Wash the bucket first, and then use a special measuring cup to pour 7.5 liters of clean fresh water into the white latex bucket, 1.5 liters 5 times. One more bottle of water was used for final adjustment of consistency.

Tip: How much water should be poured accurately, it is forbidden to open the tap to directly inject water into the white latex bucket, and determine the amount of water by experience. Otherwise, because the amount of water in each barrel is different, the color appears color difference.

2. Get the material first and see if the bag is intact or not. In the cleaned package, pour 70% of the material into the pail slowly and stir it with a stirrer. After the dry powder and fresh water are completely mixed, pour the remaining material into the bucket and continue stirring until the material becomes a fine paste.

3. Add a standard amount of color paste and stir until the color paste is evenly dispersed.

4. Mix for a few minutes before the official construction.

5. Use the remaining material on the day, wipe the edges of the clean tub, and seal it. On the next day, stir it again to continue using

The above is the introduction of knowledge about how diatom mud will be brought to everyone. After reading it, is it more about this aspect? I hope the above can help everyone. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this Website, more exciting, so stay tuned!

Diatom mud diatom mud coating diatom mud construction

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