Tatami costs include what to calculate the price of tatami

As people are increasingly inclined to purchase small units, tatami is gradually being used extensively. The tatami feature does not take up space, and it is practical and beautiful. Therefore, the tatami mat is also paid attention to by everyone. Then, Xiao Bian will introduce the tatami fee inclusion program and explain how to calculate the price of the tatami mat. The interested friends will check it out with Xiaobian.

1, the ground box costs

The material used to make tatami mats is a high-quality two-sided knot-free Shoko pine wood. The method used for the cover plate is a flap type. The height is 350mm and the tatami mat is 50mm. The two types add up to a total of 400mm. The formula is: length * width * unit price. In addition, if the height exceeds 400mm, an additional 25% fee will be required.

2. Tatami fee

The tatami standard specifications in the market are: thickness 50mm, length 2000mm, width 900mm, using coconut palm as filling material, the specific number of individual pieces is determined by the surface and filling grades, and its formula is length*width*height.

3, close the line costs

The function of the closing line is to protect the tatami mat and to achieve the aesthetic effect. The cost of closing the line is related to the size of the tatami mat. It is also related to the material of the floor box. Its calculation method is based on the meter.

4, exposed face costs

Exposed surface refers to the surface 1*4 lines, which are assembled by connecting four pine solid wood lines. One line size is 10mm*40mm, and the cost is calculated in terms of linear meters.

5, elevator costs

Tatami lift function is completed by the lift, currently divided into manual, electric, dual electric three, manual lift maximum area can be achieved 90mm * 900mm, the calculation is relatively simple, the number of installations.

6, labor costs and paint costs

The labor cost is mainly the cost of installing the tatami manually. It is calculated according to the area of ​​the tatami cabinet and the floor area. The paint fee is calculated according to the area of ​​the brush paint. The specific cost is determined according to the type of paint. At present, there are three commonly used paints, namely oil, polyester paint and wood wax oil.

7. How much is a tatami flat?

Speaking of price, it is known that this is a permanent topic. It is difficult to know the exact price because it will be affected by many factors. Here is an example of how much money is spent on a tatami floor!

a. The price of soft tatami is generally a few hundred yuan, which is the cheapest category in tatami. It is fixed in size and can be bought and installed directly.

b, taro taro prices: 100-500 yuan / m2;

c, solid wood tatami price: 1,000 yuan / m2 or more.

The article concludes: The above-mentioned knowledge about tatami costs and how to calculate the price of tatami are introduced here. For your reference, I hope you can get helpful information by reading the above content and help you to buy To satisfied products.

Tatami fee

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