Terrace decoration renderings terrace decoration precautions

Nowadays people pay more attention to the terrace or the balcony, because it can not only be used to dry clothes, but also a good place for us to rest and grow flowers, but if the decoration design, we still need to know in advance, then the terrace What are the renovation renderings ? What are the precautions for the terrace decoration? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the terrace decoration renderings

1. Some green plants, such as flowers and plants, make our life's favorite, have a small garden of their own, and the terrace garden realize your dream in minutes. However, in planting, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to choose the height of the tree species, and you can choose the small trees that look at the flowers. After all, the terrace space is still relatively limited.

2. For those who like the fun, the terrace garden is definitely the benefit of gatherings. A table, a few stools, and a barbecue that people love, the joyful cry will begin. Enjoy the freshness of green while eating a barbecue, this is the perfect quality of life.

3. Of course, you can also transform it into a sun room when you decorate the terrace, and use the glass to seal the entire terrace. This is very good for wind and rain protection, and you can enjoy the sunshine and install the automatic control sunshade adjustment. The lighting is also very good.


Second, the terrace decoration matters needing attention

1. Nowadays, in order to expand the use area and pursue a good decorative effect, many families often open the balcony with the inner room. In fact, this is very dangerous because there is a wall between the living room and the balcony. This low wall is called the “weight-bearing wall” and plays the role of supporting the balcony. If the wall is removed, it will affect the balcony. Safety, if it is serious, may cause the balcony to collapse. Therefore, the doors and windows between the living room and the balcony can be removed during the renovation process, but the "weight wall" cannot be moved.

2. For the lamps on the balcony, if there is a wall between the balcony door and the balcony window, you can install a wall lamp, and the lighting materials are good to choose glass lamps that are not afraid of the sun and rain; if there is no wall between the door and the window, you can A ceiling lamp is installed at the bottom of the upper balcony. Since the balcony light is only used for lighting at rest, it is not necessary to be too bright, and the switch of the lamp should be installed indoors. To ensure the waterproof performance of the luminaire, it is necessary to install a leakage-proof switch to avoid damage caused by leakage during rainy days. In addition, if you want to do more activities on the balcony, such as watching TV while enjoying the cool, then you should leave a power outlet during the renovation.

Generally, families with terraces will make some renovations to it, so that we have a place to entertain and rest, then what are the precautions for the decoration of the terrace and the decoration, read the above introduction to the small series. Also understand, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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