Detailed method of using insecticide

1, the characteristics of insecticidal double:

Insecticidal is a nerve poison. It has strong contact and stomach toxicity to pests, and has certain fumigation effect; it has strong systemic absorption, and its ability to absorb through roots is much larger than that of leaf absorption; insecticidal double efficient, low toxicity, low Residue, low toxicity to humans and animals, no irritating to skin and mucous membranes, no mutagenic, carcinogenic, teratogenic effects, little toxicity to aquatic organisms, highly toxic to silkworms.

2, common dosage forms of insecticidal double:

25% insecticidal double water agent, 18% insecticidal double water agent, 3.6% insecticidal double granules, 5% insecticidal double granules.

3. Control objects and methods of insecticidal double:

Peach small heartworm, when the fruit rate of P. sinensis is 1%, it is sprayed with 25% insecticidal double-water agent, which has good egg-killing and insecticidal effects, and can treat other leaf-eating pests. Control the hawthorn spider mites, spray 25% insecticidal double-water agent during the prosperous period of juvenile, moth and moth, and treat a variety of aphids and pear larvae and other larvae. Prevention and control of peach aphid, in the upper and middle of June, the first generation of peach aphid eggs hatching, with 25% insecticidal double-water agent spray, the control effect is good, while treating the peach aphid. Pears are prevented from being sprayed with 25% insecticidal water-repellent agent during the occurrence of aphids.

4, the precautions for insecticide double:

When using insecticidal double, add 0.1% washing powder to increase the efficacy. The insecticidal double-volatile vapor is polluted by mulberry leaves, and the silkworm is very sensitive to this, so it is not suitable for spraying near the sericulture area. Cotton, beans, and potatoes are more sensitive to insecticidal insects, and it is not appropriate to use these crops for intercropping. When the concentration of pesticides on the citrus is less than 600 times, the citrus shoots will produce different degrees of phytotoxicity. Inhalation of insecticidal double-water agent can cause poisoning, and should be protected when applying.

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