What is a double veneer | What are the advantages and disadvantages of a double veneer?

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Many people have heard of double veneers for the first time. However, such plates are often seen in our lives and are the decorative materials used in many custom furniture and cabinets.

What is a double veneer?

Double veneer profile: double veneer, also known as melamine board, which is the use of particleboard as a product base this process using a molding process. The double veneer is mainly used as a furniture material for manufacturing cabinet lamps in industry. Its surface is very smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to be deformed. It has good anti-skid and anti-wear properties, and it is very corrosion-resistant and relatively inexpensive.

The use of double veneer: Double veneer is generally common in some panel furniture and some objects of the cabinet light plate, but also some double veneer is a particularly good decorative material, it depends on its own high-quality appearance, can be in its The surface adds a lot of pattern color, so the double veneer is also a good decorative material.

What is a double veneer | What are the advantages and disadvantages of a double veneer?

The double veneer consists of a surface layer, a decorative layer, a cover layer and several layers of the bottom layer. Its surface layer is on the top layer of the panel and can play a very good role in protecting the panel. It has a high degree of transparency and good anti-slip properties. Abrasion resistance, beautiful and clean appearance. Its decorative layer is an important part of the decorative panel. It is a beautiful layer that can exhibit double veneers and is one of the most important layers of the double veneer as a decorative panel. The underlying cover is made of titanium white paper, which effectively prevents the underlying phenolic resin from penetrating the surface. The bottom layer of the double veneer is the base material of the decorative plate, in order to play a good role.

Advantages and disadvantages of double veneer

1. The advantages of double veneer are:

Smooth surface, because the same two-sided expansion coefficient of the sheet is not easy to deformation, bright colors, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and economical price. The domestic production of melamine veneer door panel is represented by Lushuihe plate, and all the indicators have also reached international standards.

(1) No paint, no paint to reduce pollution.

(2) The surface of the protective film, wear resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistant, hot, and pollution-resistant.

(3) rich colors, diverse lines, can be suitable for a variety of home style.

(4) Compared with density boards and large core boards, the amount of glue used is less and the environmental protection is higher.

(5) Particleboard substrate, strong nail holding force, strong compressive resistance, strong deformation resistance, and good bearing capacity.

2. Disadvantages of double veneer panel:

Low grade, easy edge-breaking of edge banding, obvious glue traces, less color, and no straight edges.

In addition to furniture, melamine is contained in cement plasticizers, decorative panels, paints, and paints used in interior decoration. In general, the melamine board is extremely hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, and resistant to acids and alkalis. No special care is required. However, one thing to note is that the double veneers should not be soaked in water for a long time in order to avoid edge cracking.

If there is cracking or breakage of the veneer, it can be repaired by the following method: First, put a damp cloth on the damaged place, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth to force the moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes tough and not easy Cracked. In this way, the old glue can be scraped off first, then a layer of opal white glue is applied to the base wood, and then a new layer of glue is coated on the reverse side of the release veneer and compacted until the glue is completely dry.

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