How much is the price of home floor tiles?

Floor tiles are indispensable materials for home decoration. Floor tiles can also be called floor tiles. They have many advantages such as hard texture, pressure resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, and non-seepage. They are therefore favored by many consumers. Floor tiles are simply a classification of tiles, which is an indispensable building material for the friends of the owners. However, many people do not know how much the floor tiles are, and there are a large variety of floor tiles. In the home decoration occupies an important position, the following together to look at the floor tile prices and other related knowledge!

Floor tile prices

Home decoration tile price is how much money a square? Specific needs to be divided into three situations:

One, does not include the price of tiles

The tile owner himself purchases only the cost of the decoration and artificial materials (cement, river sand) in the range of RMB 40-48/. This price is subject to fluctuations in the price of accessories and there is also a certain degree of fluctuation. And there are certainly different specifications of the tiles, there are some differences. The general price of 300*300,300*450,600*600,800*800 is in the price of 42-48 yuan/square meter, diamond-shaped shop is 50-65 yuan/ping, 150*150, 165*165 this kind of small-sized brick price is even less The price of 60-120 yuan / flat.

Second, the price of containing tiles

If it is for the decoration party to bear artificial + accessories + tiles, then the cost of tiling will inevitably be higher. The general price is more than 60 yuan (the cost is mainly based on your choice of tile specifications and brand and quality, the better the quality of the selected tiles, the higher the price. Under normal circumstances will not recommend the owner to choose this tile method , because in the tile, decoration company is very easy to quote as a defective product, the owner is the loss.

Third, just the price of tiling

In addition to the first and second modes of tiling, there is a model where we only look for people to do the tiling work. Tiles and accessories are provided by us and only require tiling. The average price of artificial tiles is now: 30-35 yuan / square meter.
Generally speaking, it is best to look for tiles, and it is better to find the decoration company. After a short time, the tiles will appear empty and the like, and people will be responsible. If guerrilla workers are selected, they must be carefully considered. It depends on whether people can find it later. So still look for a regular decoration company more reliable!

Due to different brands, models, materials and manufacturers of floor tiles, of course, the price of floor tiles will also vary. The price of floor tiles generally ranges from a few tens to a few hundred dollars.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Types of floor tiles

1. Glazed Floor Tiles: Water Absorption: 3%~10%; Material: Fired; Production Process: Material Selection, Crushing, Drying, Sintering and Packaging, etc.; Formula: Quantity = Total Area / Tile Length / Tile The width.

2. Porcelain floor tiles: water absorption: 0.5%; material: fired; production process: material selection, crushing, drying, sintering, and packaging; formula: quantity = total area / tile length / tile width.

3, parquet tiles: After burning, cut into a variety of patterns; material: fired; production process: the choice of materials, crushing, drying, cutting, inspection and packaging.

4, whole body brick: In the cloth process, the same kind of powder, fired tile pattern, the same color.

5, polished tiles: Through the grinding of the body, the surface is smooth, hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor.

6. Vitrified bricks: Solved the problem of easy dirty, smooth surface, no polishing, no porosity problem. It is fired at high temperatures and is hard and expensive.

7, Mosaic: The volume is the smallest, commonly known as: brick, giving nostalgic feeling.


Floor Tiles Buying Tips

1, slip test

These include many types, such as: glazed tiles, bricks, etc. But there is one thing in common - not slipping. The overall appearance is beautiful and generous. It is not suitable for owners of elderly people and children. It is recommended that you do a slip test when you are purchasing, just in case.

2, identify the color

Speaking of the identification of color, many people will mistakenly think that it is to look at the surface of the floor tile. In fact, it depends mainly on whether the colors of the front and back sides are the same.

3, check the surface

Looking at the back color, it also depends on brightness and gloss. The greater the brightness, the stronger the density, the stronger the pressure resistance, and the higher the polishing technology. The better the abrasion resistance and stain resistance.

4, see the size

When purchasing, check that the size, top and bottom, and left and right are consistent, and fix it on a flat surface without any edging.

5, identify the sound

Tap on the various parts of the floor tile to hear the sound crisp, under normal circumstances, the greater the density, the higher the intensity and more durable.

6, check the embryo color

Check whether the color of the floor tiles is natural and whether the thickness is uniform. In general, high-quality floor tiles will not show obvious defects.

7, check the waterproof

Pour a small amount of water on the back of the tile to see how fast the water absorbs. If the water absorption is slow, it means that the density of the tiles is large and it belongs to a class with better quality.

8, try to feel

Touch the surface of the tile to see if the hand feels delicate, which proves that the better the product quality is, the less the density is.

9, glaze layer thickness

The glaze represents the front of the tile. Glaze is one of the most expensive raw materials for floor tiles. The thicker the glaze layer, the better the quality of the floor tiles.

10, observe the packaging

To buy floor tiles, you need to check whether the packaging is solid and whether the lot number is clear. It must also be accompanied by a factory test report, certificate of conformity, and so on.


Floor tiles purchase considerations

1, in the laying process, it is inevitable that there will be loss, it is recommended to buy more, buy a few films, negotiate with the business and pay less. In case of color differences due to different batches, a small amount of merchants will not generally deliver goods.

2, floor tiles can be wall, it is recommended not to use the local brick tiles, due to differences in hardness and density.

3, when receiving goods, want to open the inspection, check whether the tiles are defective. In general, ceramics are fragile products, in the event of a problem called the business returned.

4, tile and waist line prices more expensive, it is recommended to use less.

5. The parts that are covered by the cabinets are available in cheap varieties, which can save a lot of budget.

6, shop around, it is recommended to choose mid-range products. For families with children and the elderly, it is easy to cause accidental injury.

How to choose the color of the floor tile

1, the living room floor tiles color choice

The living room is the main place of the family. It is the facade of the family. Light-colored floor tiles make it easy to make the living room bright. It is recommended to choose light colors, such as: white, solid colors, etc.

2, kitchen floor color choice

The kitchen is a place where food is produced. Due to the high temperature, it is recommended to choose a cool tone such as white or light gray. People feel that space is expanding and it is not easy to feel depressed.

3, bathroom tile color choice

A long time ago, bathroom tiles were mainly white in colour, which made them visually fatigued. Therefore, when decorating, it is recommended to choose various types of bricks for decoration. However, attention should be paid to the problem of color matching, otherwise it would be self-defeating.

Floor tile cleaning and maintenance method

1. Wash tiles with a mixture of liquids to keep the tiles shiny.

2. When cleaning tiles daily, detergent can be used for cleaning.

3, brick scratches, toothpaste can be applied, you can repair.

4, polished tiles should be regularly waxed, after a 2-3 months.

5, in the crevice brush a layer of waterproof agent, can prevent bacteria.

6, coffee and other pollution, available sodium hydroxide.

7. Dilute hydrochloric acid and other dilute solutions.

8, the use of special cleaning agents.


Floor tiles cleaning considerations

1. Do not wash the floor with water.

2. It is forbidden to use the acid and alkali agent to clean the floor.

3, scrubbing the floor with rice water is a good way.

4. It is forbidden to sand the floor with sandpaper.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of home floor tile prices and floor tiles, and hopes to help friends who have this need. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Floor tile prices

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