What are the methods for installing outdoor safety rails?

There are more than one way to install outdoor safety rails. The following are two ways. In short, one is an aerial device method and the other is a trench device method. How do you call it an overhead type? That is, stainless steel frames are used. Round steel frames or square tube type steel frames can be used. They are fixed on the ground at regular intervals. After that, angle steels are erected on them and the safety line can be installed. The height of the steel frame can be adjusted according to whether the side of the device's trolley line is passing pedestrians or vehicles. For example, to ensure the safety of the device environment, no pedestrians or vehicles can disturb the steel frame, and the steel frame can be 50 cm from the ground. If there is a pedestrian passing through, etc., The height of the steel frame needs to be more than two meters.
This is called trench type, which literally means the need to dig trenches on the ground. The depth needs to be measured and calculated based on the driving environment and the device environment. The buried side of the device is reserved for buried plates. The trolley wire bracket is welded on the buried plate. You can. The trench-type device method is more messy than the overhead type, and it is required to ensure the drainage of the trench to clear and to ensure the dry and safe environment of the trolley-line device.
Outdoor safety wire contact line, due to the harsh environment of the device, it is recommended to use good quality products so that it can withstand the detection of the external environment.

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