With lightning, what is the current technical progress?

Lightning has such a large capacity, can artificial use "lei" be realized? Franklin was the first scientist to use experiments to prove that lightning in the sky was electricity, but there is no evidence that he put the experiment into action.
However, Franklin’s idea of ​​guiding lightning was later realized by the French. In May 1752, Thomas Francois Di Arib, the Earl of Buffon, France, erected a 12-meter-long metal rod in the village of Mary in the north of Paris, and inserted an empty bottle below. After the metal rod was struck by lightning, an assistant went to check it and burned his fingers. It also produced a sulphur smell. Experiments have shown that lightning is the same as artificial electricity. This experiment is also the first exploration and research of human beings on the cloud.
With the advancement of science and technology, modern countries have mastered the technology of manual lightning extraction in several countries including China and the United States. When the thunderstorm conditions are relatively mature, a small rocket that drags the wire is launched into the air, and the lightning strikes the ground along the wire, so that the natural lightning that has been randomly randomized becomes controllable and gives us A close look at the opportunities for lightning.
However, at present, artificial lightning is mainly to study how to prevent lightning. "Thunder" has not been realized because there is no capacitor with a large capacity to collect lightning.
In addition to the potential to become a new energy source, lightning has little known benefits, such as the production of nitrogen fertilizer. When electricity occurs, the lightning channel in the atmosphere can reach several kilometers long, the temperature is very high, and there is a large amount of nitrogen and oxidation to synthesize nitrogen dioxide. The generated nitrogen dioxide is dissolved in rain water and becomes a very low concentration of nitric acid. After falling into the soil, it combines with other substances to form a saltpeter. Saltpeter is a good fertilizer. It has been found that in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines that are often struck by lightning, the crops are flourishing and the maturity period is also advanced. This is actually a reflection of the efficacy of lightning high-temperature fertilizer. According to estimates, there are 400 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer that falls to the ground every year due to lightning. If all of them fall on land, it will cost about two kilograms of nitrogen per mu, which is equivalent to saving about 30 yuan per mu. . The global land area is about 149 million square kilometers, which is simply a money-saving king.
Lightning can also predict the weather. There are many folks in China who use lightning to predict weather changes. For example, "East Flash Sunshine in the West", "South Flash Gate is open, and there is rain in the north." The meaning is that if there is lightning in the west or north, then the thunderstorm cloud that produces lightning will soon move to the local area; if there is lightning in the east or south, it indicates that the thunderstorm has been removed and the local weather will turn better.
In addition, lightning can also purify the air. When lightning strikes, intense photochemical action causes a portion of the oxygen in the air to react, producing ozone with bleaching and bactericidal action. The World Health Organization stipulates that the standard concentration of negative oxygen ions in fresh air is 1000-1500 per cubic centimeter. Studies have shown that the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the lightning day is obviously higher, and the daily average negative oxygen ion concentration is more than 500 more than the lightning-free day. It is called a natural air purifier.

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