Rooting agent use precautions

Rooting agent is a kind of fertilizer that everyone often uses now. What should be paid attention to during the use of rooting agent? Let me introduce the precautions for the use of rooting agent.

What is a rooting agent?

Any compound that has a synthetic substance that promotes rooting like endogenous auxin or that promotes the formation of endogenous auxin and inhibits the decomposition of auxin can promote rooting to varying degrees. These substances are collectively referred to as rooting agents.

What types?

Special rooting agent: It is a tree species that acts on cutting hard roots, such as Korean pine, larch, hawthorn, and ginkgo.

Broad-spectrum rooting agent: It is mainly used for seedling, seedling, seedling, and planting of economic crops such as fruit trees, fruits, vegetables, cotton, seedlings, flowers, and medicinal materials to promote rooting.

Rooting agent use precautions

The preparation method and concentration of the agent, the number of times of administration, and the site of application must be strictly controlled during administration.

Master the application period, which depends mainly on the developmental stage of the plant and the application purpose.

Must be combined with cultivation measures, rooting agents are not a substitute for fertilization and must be combined with reasonable cultivation practices.

When rooting the seedlings with rooting agent, it is necessary to fully consider its growth habits, specifications, tree age, quarantine, planting temperature, humidity, light, soil properties, transplanting details and many other factors.

Treatment of injured roots can not rely on conventional rooting agents, rooting agents only play a role in promoting roots, root damage is often difficult to have an effect.

Finally, I would like to remind the majority of farmers to use hormone-based rooting agents, and the rooting products of nutrients and bio-stimulants are more worthy of respect. The reasons are as follows:

First, hormonal rooting agents can promote roots, but a large number of applications can lead to the breakdown of hormone balance in plants, which is prone to problems such as premature aging.

Second, the application period and concentration requirements are strict, and it is also necessary to mix fertilizers, which is not a simple application. The rooting agent contains no or little inorganic nutrients. Continuous use makes the soil nutrient supply not supplemented, and the nutrients available for roots are less. Even if the root system temporarily increases, the nutrient supply is insufficient.

Third, hormone rooting agents cannot solve the essential problem. The roots of the crop are damaged, and the rooting agent only plays a role in rooting, and does not improve the rhizosphere environment, soil permeability, soil pH and the like. Another point is that it does not really stimulate the intrinsic potential of plants and release plant wildness.

The above is the introduction of the precautions for the use of rooting agents. When using rooting agents, be sure to pay attention to the above matters, and do not use them blindly.

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