What are the hazards of pesticide abuse? How to prevent pesticide abuse

China is a big country for agricultural cultivation. In agriculture, it is essential to use pesticides . However, some friends have caused the abuse of pesticides due to unscientific use. The following is a small series to explain the harm of pesticide abuse and how to prevent pesticides. abuse.

What are the hazards of pesticide abuse?

1. Abuse of pesticides leads to drug resistance and shortens product life.

2. The abuse of pesticides leads to an increase in the amount of use, resulting in a vicious circle.

3. Abuse of pesticides leads to excessive residue of agricultural products, which directly or indirectly poisons insects (beans and insects), fish, bees and birds, and destroys ecological balance.

4. Abuse of pesticides causes phytotoxicity, and damage to crop production has an impact on human health.

5. Abuse of pesticides leads to environmental water ingress and air pollution.

What are the hazards of pesticide abuse and precautions for pesticide abuse prevention?

Precautions against pesticide abuse

First, be careful not to abuse pesticides.

1 Can not abuse banned pesticides on certain crops, such as melons and vegetables, can not use methamidophos, 1605 and other highly toxic pesticides.

2 Do not abuse pesticides during the period of pesticide ban. For example, rice can not be sprayed within 14 days before harvest; citrus can not be used within 15 days before harvesting, and dicofol is prohibited within 45 days.

3 can not mix pesticides, such as 1605 can not be mixed with rice bran (mixed toxicity increased), calcium arsenate can not be mixed with antibacterial pesticides, dimethoate can not be mixed with stone sulfur or Bordeaux mixture, wettable powder can not Mixed use of emulsifiable concentrate, etc.

In short, when controlling crop pests and diseases, we should implement the principle of prevention and comprehensive prevention and control, and actively adopt various effective non-chemical control methods. When using chemical pesticides, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions and be flexible. It is not necessary to violate relevant regulations and promote the use of different types of pesticides to achieve scientific, rational, safe and effective use of pesticides.

Second, choose a reasonable dose

Choose a reasonable dose. When preparing pesticides, farmers' friends are used to dilute by feeling, which is unscientific. If the pesticide is too concentrated, it is easy to cause crop phytotoxicity, pests and diseases are resistant, and it is easy to cause environmental pollution and poisoning of humans and animals; if the preparation is too thin, the control effect will not be achieved. Therefore, the pesticide should be prepared in strict accordance with the instructions for the use of pesticides or the guidance of agricultural technicians, and the dosage should be properly controlled during the application process. When spraying, it is required to reach a uniform, thoughtful, and appropriate amount (to make the leaf surface fully wet and not to be lost). Pay attention to the cross use of pesticides. A pesticide is continuously used on the same crops for many times, which is easy to cause resistance or resistance to pests and diseases, and the control effect is gradually reduced or even ineffective. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of pesticides in rotation.

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