Dining shop decoration details dining restaurant decoration design skills

With the advancement of the times, nowadays catering stores are paying more and more attention to the use of the new concept of decorative design that adapts to the trend of the times. The decoration of the catering store highlights the subjectivity and individuality of the hotel management, and meets the psychological needs of the guests in the fast-paced society. Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the details of the decoration of the restaurant, the relevant content of the design skills of the restaurant decoration!


Restaurant decoration details

1. When decorating a restaurant, you must first determine the location of your hotel. Only by locating the type, size and target customers of the hotel, the designer can better design the hotel's renovation plan according to these situations. In addition, the positioning of the hotel should be linked to consumers, and should not be imitated or imitate multiple hotels at the same time, losing their own characteristics.

2, the decoration of the food and beverage store must reflect the humanized business design concept. People-oriented, in order to make people willing to pay you. When designing a hotel, remember that it is not to design it as a hotel, but to design it as a home. It has a feeling of home and even family, warm, soft, elegant and lively. Let the guests feel the warmth and comfort of home in the hotel.

3, the decoration of the restaurant should be from the actual appearance, can not simply consider the aesthetics. Some hotels are designed with a beautiful appearance, but the internal function planning and decoration are a mess, the design is very unprofessional, the practicality is very poor, and the art is lacking. As a result, the hotel needs to undergo a second renovation after it starts operations, resulting in “secondary investment”. Some hotel designs have not even made up for the opportunity to make up, which has become a hindrance to hotel operations.

4. When the restaurant is renovated, it must be arranged. The decoration design of the restaurant includes the overall planning and design of the hotel, architectural design, interior and exterior landscape and garden design, interior decoration design, electromechanical and piping system design, logo system (VIS) design, traffic organization design, management and customer service process design, etc. Item content. To be able to manage the system.

5, when the restaurant decoration, must consider the harmonious management, each project such as rooms, kitchens, warehousing, restaurants and other functions should be harmoniously combined design.


Restaurant decoration design skills

1, color matching

The color matching of the restaurant is mainly considered from the perspective of space. For the structure of the restaurant, the use of color should be warm color, because in color psychology, warm color is good for appetite, which is why Many restaurants use the yellow and red series.

2, the style of the restaurant

(1) Glass dining table. Corresponding to modern style and simple style.

(2) Dark wood dining table. Corresponding to Chinese style and simple style.

(3) Light wood dining table. Corresponding to natural style and Nordic style.

(4) Metal carved dining table. Corresponds to the traditional European (Western European) style.

(5) Concise metal dining table. Corresponding to modern style, minimalist style and metalist style.

3, the choice of table

The choice of dining table needs to pay attention to the size of the space. Small space with large dining table or large space with small dining table is not suitable. Due to the actual problem of purchase, it is difficult for the purchaser to take things to the scene for comparison. Therefore, after measuring the size of the preferred table, you can get a full-scale comparison on the spot. This will be more appropriate and avoid too much. small.

4, the choice of table cloth

Table cloth should be based on fabrics, and there are many options on the market. When using a plastic table cloth, when placing hot objects, the necessary thick mats, especially glass tables, should be placed, which may cause unnecessary heat to be heated.

5, the cooperation of the table and the dining chair

The dining table and dining chair are generally matched or purchased separately, but attention should be paid to ergonomic problems. For example, the height difference between the chair and the table top is about 30cm, too high or too low will affect the normal posture; The backrest should feel comfortable and so on.

The above is the details of the decoration of the restaurant, the detailed answer to the design skills of the restaurant decoration, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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