Discussion on the static pressure imported bearings during repair

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Discussion on the static pressure imported bearings during repair

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Static pressure imported bearings with high reversal accuracy, good rigidity, high bearing capacity, no wear and high durability. The following are some experiences of static pressure imported bearings in the process of repair and testing; only for us to see .
1. Hole saver: BR> .1). Change the internal savings to external savings; and install a pressure gauge to instantly show the pressure in the upper and lower chambers.
Make repair and maintenance convenient; especially it can be easily cleared regularly; this is unmatched by the internal saver.
.2). Savings ratio. The theoretical value of the saving ratio β is between 1.2 and 1.5. According to the experience of many years, it is better to be 1.25. This is in the repair; several precisions of the spindle, several precisions of the front and rear bearing pads are required, Coaxiality, roundness and taper are strictly controlled; in order to ensure the value of β. According to the load of the machine tool, the e value (the amount of misalignment between the main shaft and the bearing bush) can be determined; the β value is optimal.
.3). When the oil chamber is not equipped with the spindle; the oil column of each oil outlet must be common (observation method); if not common; the method of changing the aperture of the saver should be adopted; change the flow rate. Take 4 chambers as an example; usually, The oil column in the left and right chambers is between 20 and 25 mm; the diameter of the small holes is from 0. 25 to 0.4 mm.
2. Thin film reaction saver:
The film reaction saves the bearing stiffness is very large; but the machine tool often exhibits the appearance of tiling, pulling, and falling pressure during the operation. The most important factor in the film reaction is the film; in practice, the primary reason for the bearing lock and pulling is: 1 caused by plastic deformation of the film, 2 slow reaction. When the external load suddenly changes; when the film has not reacted; the axis and the tile are now in conflict, 3 the film is tired. The film is used for a long time; fatigue deformation; equivalent to changing the reaction parameters .
Adding the thickness of the film and changing to some fatigue-resistant materials; can receive outstanding results. Usually the rigid film, pre-loading, and clearance are used. The detailed method is: change the film of 1.4mm thickness to 4mm Thick rigid film; 腔人 cavity pad 0. 05mm thick tin foil paper; the spindle is adjusted to a height of 0.05 mm higher than the azimuth orientation. The intention is to force the spindle (grinding wheel component, cutting force); just return to the middle of the ambition.
3. Improvement of the oil supply system:
Static pressure imported bearing oil supply system; in addition to coarse filtration, fine filtration; other components have a protective effect on hydrostatic bearings. On the basis of the original system to improve the oil supply system.
.1). After the saving plate, the oil outlet is connected to the pressure relay and the pressure gauge (originally in front of the accumulator); this allows the operator to see the pressure of the chamber pressure and the inlet pressure. When the pressure difference is greater than a certain value; Prevent the axle from locking. For example: the inlet pressure is 2mpa; the oral pressure is 1. 2~1. 6mpa; if it is lower than 1.2mpa, it will stop.
.2). Add a digital detection device:
There is a gap between 0. 04 and 0. 05mm between the main shaft of the static-resistant imported bearing and the bearing bush; the oil in the process has a certain resistance value; the change of the resistance value is detected; The main shaft is one pole; the bearing bush is the other pole; the resistance value is measured. This signal is sent to the photoelectric alarm and the control system amplifier; the spindle motor is controlled to start and stop; thereby preventing the axis from conflict with the tile. .
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